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New Fibreglass Pools

Quality Budget family pools
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Quality Budget Pools. Factory Direct Fibreglass pools have rapidly increased in Quality and Structure due to the application of advanced swimming pool technology. They offer not only a fantastic range of shapes and sizes but an equally impressive selection of stunning colours. Quality Warranties. Fibreglass pool quality has come a long way,..

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Quality inground pool prices

Great prices on quality fibreglass pools
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features, price

Looking for a quality fibreglass swimming pool. Check out our great prices, you can't get a cheaper inground fibreglass pool anywhere in Perth, that's brand new and with 25 different swimming pool sizes, you will be spoilt for choice. View our wide range of pool (/pools) designs. We offer a variety of modern and contemporary pool desig..

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Quality Inground pools for sale

quality swimming pools to buy
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price, features, colour

Quality Swimming Pools For Sale We have a great range of quality inground pools for sale these pools come in 25 different sizes from 4m-8m. All our fibreglass pools are built at our factory in Forrestdale Perth. This pool is a 8m x 4m on of our top of the range pool.


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Mandurah Display 24a Panton Rd. Tel: (08) 9581 8611

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Factory Pools Perth Brochure 2020 Factory Pools Perth Brochure 2020 (7746 KB)


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Swim on a Budget: A Guide to Fiberglass Pool Cost

fiberglass pool cost
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Small Pools, Medium pools, Large Pools

About fibreglass pool cost and how to shop on a budget! Having a swimming pool adds value to your home, makes it more relaxing, and provides you with a fun place to splash and play. If you're thinking of having a new pool installed, it's important to plan out your budget before you take the plunge. Before you commit to a brand-new swimming pool..

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