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Making Pool Safety a Priority

Pool Safety
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Safety around the pool Pool Supervision is made easier when planned. While a pool fence provides a physical obstacle to prevent children from entering the swimming, pool their still needs to be other measures to prevent accidents from happening in and around the pool. Supervision: Always have an adult watching over the kids while the..

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Factory Pools at the Claremont SPASA show

Claremont Expo Manhattan Pool
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The best place to see the best in Outdoor Living will be at the Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo! Looking for a Pool or a Spa, want to turn your dream backyard into a reality, then come along to the Pool, Spa & Outdoor Living Expo! We have all the big brands at the best prices and everything you need to get ready for summer! Po..

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Being a SPASA member

The Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA)
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Why risk it? Use a SPASA member What is a SPASA Member The Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) is a self-regulated organisation in which members agree to abide by its rules, regulations and a strict code of ethics in the conduct of their business. SPASA is a recognised authority on pools and spas, equipment and maintenance. The associatio..

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A healthy pool is a good pool

Looking after your swimming pool
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A Healthy Pool or a Sick Pool Tips from the experts 1 Never allow the pool to flow over in winter. Use the waste function on the backwash valve to lower the water level to approximately 75mm from the top. Allowing the pool to continually overflow may damage the installation. 2 Regularly top up pool water level in the summer. If the levels are ..

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