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Swimming pool lighting

Swimming Pool Lighting
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Lighting for Swimming Pools Enjoying your pool should not be just a daytime thing. Installing underwater pool lights allows you to swim safely and enjoy your recreation time in the pool at night. What lights are available? Underwater lights are available in two styles: Surface mounted lights which are installed on the side of the poo..

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Pool filteration systems some facts

Filteration Systems
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Once you’ve chosen you swimming pool the next big decision is the type of filter system you will need. Clearwater not only looks excellent it's actually essential for health reasons Why do pools have a filtration system It's for removing insoluble matter such as Dirt, body oils, leaves and algae and then to produce sparkling clear water. It..

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Poolside Party Recipes for Spring

kids playing swimming pool party
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Need some recipes for your swimming pool parties? The weather is about to heat up here in Australia, but don’t worry! Factory Pools Perth are letting you in on the best poolside party recipes to keep you refreshed. Get ready for the entertaining season with these easy and delicious recipes designed to be enjoyed by your Perth swimming pool...

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Your Swimming Pool Construction Questions Answered

Fibreglass Swimming Pool Construction and Installation
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Questions and answers about fibreglass swimming pools Deciding to install a swimming pool in your home is an exciting time. They are the perfect addition to your backyard for summer and can provide hours of enjoyment for you and your family. However, when it comes to installing a swimming pool in your home, the process can seem a little overwhe..

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