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Buying a Swimming Pool
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Handy ideas when purchasing a pool

When the sun’s out, and you want to cool down, buying a swimming pool seems a great idea, but there are a few essential things you should consider before splashing out.

Here are five questions to ask yourself, so you buy the right pool.

Why are you buying that pool?

A simple question maybe but there’s always a reason behind any purchase and installing a swimming pool is no different. What will you be using it for? Perhaps laps, recreation, relaxing or as a point of focus for your garden to enhance your open space.

If you have a clear idea of its intended purpose, then it will be easier to decide on the shape, depth and size of the pool.

Where should I install my pool?

Your garden, the type of soil and levels will help determine where it may be best positioned. If you have children, you’ll probably want a clear view of the pool from your house.

Before installing the pool, consider other factors such as whether the location maximises the sun so it can be heated up naturally. Avoid overhanging trees as you may end up forever scooping up leaves.

If you install your pool in a windy spot, you may experience increased evaporation, to avoid this you can plant shrubbery or erecting fencing.

No one wants a pool if there’s no room to sit around it and enjoy the ambience, so make sure there’s space for a patio or paving area. Of course, you’ll also need somewhere to house filtration equipment and the pool cleaner.

How much will it cost?

Pools come in different shapes and sizes, and your budget will very much determine your swimming pool. Plots of land in urban areas are getting smaller, and so there are more compact pool styles available than ever before.

The costs don’t just finish with a pool alone, consider other expenses such as installation, landscaping and decking. Every year you’ll be spending money on maintenance such as running and servicing pumps and filters and keeping the water sparkling clear with chemicals and suction cleaners.

Fibreglass or concrete?

There are two main types of pool, fibreglass and concrete. Fibreglass composite pools have become increasingly popular as they’re much more affordable. Advanced technology means they’re hardwearing, low maintenance and usually come with extended warranties and can be installed with minimum disruption.

Concrete pools are more expensive and while incredibly strong may need to be re-plastered or resurfaced every decade. They are not-off-the shelf so can be built to your exact requirements.

If you’re thinking of buying a car, you’d road test it out first and look at reviews. The same applies to swimming pools, visit your friends with pools and try them out for yourself. Nothing beats seeing the real thing.

If you have further questions, speak to the team at Factory Pools Perth. We have been installing pools for more than thirty years and have won numerous awards for our fibreglass pools. We’re the first name when it comes to affordable pools in Perth so visit one of our three showrooms today and take a look at the quality of our pool designs.


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