5 Reasons to Buy a Pool from a Perth Pool Company This Winter!

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Buying a Pool from a Perth Pool Company This Winter!

Have you been thinking about installing a swimming pool in your home? Well right now is the perfect time. We know what you’re thinking, “how can it be the perfect time, it’s the middle of winter?” While we understand that right now isn’t exactly the time of year when you normally consider laying by the pool with a cold drink in hand, there are some real benefits to letting Factory Pools Perth install your dream pool while the sun is off heating the other side of the world

Your pool will be ready in time for summer

Don’t you want to be able to jump in your new pool as soon as the warmer days start to roll in? Having your pool installed during the colder months leaves plenty of time for installation. Summer is peak season for pool companies and this can mean you’re left waiting much longer for your summer essential to be installed. Eliminate the stress of being stuck on a lengthy waiting list and missing out on those pool perfect days by getting ahead of the crowds now.

You have more time to find your perfect pool from one of Perth’s perfect pool companies!

There are many things to consider when it comes to picking the pool that’s right for you. Do you want a large or small pool? Would you prefer something like a lap pool or a spa? What colour would compliment your home? Planning your pool in winter means you don’t have to rush your decision and there is plenty of time to evaluate all your options to make sure you pick something that will suit your needs.

You don’t have to rush the pool building process

Installing a pool isn’t always as easy as putting a hole in the ground. All Perth backyards are different and you might need some landscaping done to make sure your pool is level and to fit in your chosen design. These things take time to be done properly and you don’t want the job rushed during the busy summer period as companies fight to get through their never-ending list of customers. Have it done in winter so you can guarantee things are done properly the first time around.

Avoid any inconvenience

When your pool is under construction, your backyard will most likely become a no-go zone. Have your pool installed during winter when the family is staying inside to keep warm. This will leave your backyard completely free for when the sun starts shining a little brighter and everyone is wanting to get outside.

You’ll save yourself some dollars

Winter is off-peak season for Perth pool companies. This means, between June and August, it’s much cheaper to buy a pool. Taking advantage of these lower prices means you’ll have more money in your back pocket to buy that barbeque you’ve had your eye on; it’ll make the perfect companion to your pool for the ultimate summer get-together.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to get your backyard ready for summer, so check out our wide range of fiberglass pools and start planning your perfect backyard! If you’ve seen a pool design you love, or just want some advice, get in touch with our friendly team today.


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