4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Maintenance Costs Down

Let’s face it: nobody likes having to maintain their pool after it’s been installed, and it’s certainly not the first thing you think of when you excitedly purchase your pool. But it is one of the most important factors in ensuring your pool lasts for a long time – meaning more cherished memories for you and your family on the weekend.

In fact, if you’re reading this then congratulations! You’ve already made your pool maintenance life as easy as possible for yourself! This is because fibreglass pools are the easiest pool on the market to maintain, and have the lowest running costs of any pool type. 

But here are Factory Pools Perth, we want to make your life even easier. That’s why we’ve brought together the collective heads of our experienced and qualified team to come up with the 5 most effective and simple ways you can keep maintenance costs down – and even save you money! Read on to find out more.


The Problem: Dirty Pools Can Create Costly Problems

Did you know that there are 3 types of stains that can affect your pool? We did, and we want you to know how to avoid those pesky nuisances. There are metal stains and calcium stains – both of these are uncommon in fibreglass pools. But by far the most commonly occurring stains are organic stains. These are caused by organic matter (most commonly leaves) being left too long in your fibreglass pools. They can sink to the bottom of your pool and the sun’s continued exposure will leak the organic matter onto the surface of your pool, causing a stain and possibly algae growth! These stains are ugly, annoying to clean and in some cases require additional expenses to clean (cleaning paste, scrubbing tools).

Solution: Clean Regularly

The best way to deal with organic stains in your pool is careful prevention; stop them before they even start! This way you won’t have to fork out money and time to clean them off the surface of your pool. And what’s the best way to prevent stains? You guessed it: regular cleaning. Consider using a skimmer or, if you’re not too keen on spending 5-10 minutes each day cleaning, you can look at getting an automatic robotic cleaner. These little guys are perfect for keeping your pool clean and after the initial cost, they can actually keep long-term maintenance costs down for your pool. Remember: a little bit of cleaning today can save you a financial headache down the track.

Problem: No Matter How Much I Clean, Leaves Keep Getting In!

Speaking of pesky organic matter, leaves can be very difficult to keep out of your pool in the first place! Especially during autumn. Leaves can hit your pool particularly hard after storms and rainy weather, when flying debris is at its worst. Worse, the more leaves that enter your pool, the more you have to clean and the higher chance you have of receiving a stain – after all, nobody can be cleaning all the time!

Solution: Use A Pool Cover

Enter one of the single greatest pool inventions of all time: The pool cover! If you haven’t already, then you absolutely should invest in a pool cover. A cover can be placed over your pool during storms, autumn, months of unuse and even when you’re away from home at work! Leaves will instead land on the cover rather than your pool, and your beautiful pool surface will be spared ugly stains and the costs needed to clean them up. Enjoy your leaf-free pool!

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Problem: My Chemicals Are Costing More Than I Thought

Figuring out the correct chemical dosages for your pool can be a tricky process. That’s why our professional team here at Factory Pools Perth always give you a detailed, easy-to-understand guide on exactly how much dosage you should use for your fibreglass pool. 

However, certain external factors can change how much chlorine dosage your pool needs – such as immediately after storms – or you may find your pool is requiring more chemicals than you thought to clean. Over time, these costs can add up, especially if when complications happen to your pool that requires you to add more chlorine doses (such as calcium build-up)

Solution: Consider Mineral Water

If you’re looking to cut costs on your chemical maintenance, then your best bet would be to consider switching to a mineral water system. Mineral-based water systems use significantly less chlorine than traditional systems, and minerals are noticeably more affordable than chlorine.

Much debate has been had in the pool world between mineral and saltwater. Both have incredible benefits, of course, but for cutting costs we’d recommend mineral. This is because saltwater can corrode your appliances, such as skimmers, robot cleaners and toys.

Fibreglass Pools Are Amazingly Easy To Maintain!

Now that you know how to effectively keep your pools running costs down, why don't you see our award wining pools today!

Problem: My Heating Bills Are Through The Roof!

It’s not uncommon for pool heaters to run up a balance, particularly if you are keeping them running through the winter months. Thankfully, fibreglass pools retain heat faster and for longer periods of time than other pools on the market.

Solution: Decide If A Heater Is Needed Or Not

Your best bet of lowering heating costs is simply asking yourself whether you really need the heater running throughout winter in the first place. Are you swimming every day? Or are you keeping the heater on just in case you want to go for a swim? Sometimes, the best option is to simply leave the heater off, as winter’s chill can make it difficult for even the best heaters to keep your pool warm. A pool cover is also a great way of retaining heat for your fibreglass pool, and can significantly lower heating costs due to heat retention!

Alternatively, consider investing in a spa: due to its compact size, a spa is exceptionally easy to keep warm and can provide a number of health benefits to swimmers.

Prevention And Proper Care Are Key

A little bit of care for your pool today will save you a lot of headache later on down the track; in terms of both time and money. In fact, small amounts of daily care is pretty the theme of our advice here! But don’t worry: by choosing to buy from Factory Pools Perth, you’ve already put yourself leagues ahead of your neighbours in terms of quality and how little you have to invest in ongoing costs later on! Our pools are made to last, meaning you get more cherished memories with your family. So, what are you waiting for? Fill out our free online quote form today!