4 Quick And Easy Ways To Clean Your Pool

A fibreglass pool is an oasis of aquatic fun and leisurely relaxation during the bright weekends of summer; so the last thing on your mind is probably cleaning the pool. That’s understandable of course; the team here at Factory Pools Perth know the importance of organising a good old fashioned divebombing contest first and foremost. But the importance of cleaning your pool cannot be understated. In fact, regularly and properly cleaning your fibreglass pool can directly increase its lifespan by several years. So: can cleaning your fibreglass pool be fun? Maybe not. But can it be done in a fast and effective manner that avoids being tedious? Yes, it absolutely can be. Now let’s get you cleaning the right way, so you can use your pool the best way: all weekend long.


How Cleaning Can Improve Your Pool

You may have heard this saying in some of our other articles – and if you haven’t, then make sure to remember this golden rule – but a little bit of cleaning today can save you a lot of headache further down the line. 

This is because problems in pools tend to compound if they are left for too long. This can most clearly be seen when leaves are left for too long in the pool: they will sink to the bottom and quickly stain the surface of your pool from being bleached by the suns rays. The degradation of such organic material will also offset the chemical balance of your pool. Meaning of course that you will end up having to use more chemicals (chlorine, minerals, Ph) to clean your water – which means spending more. Worse, if you don’t get to your pool before or while a chemical imbalance is happening, you’ll have to undergo major repairs to restore chemical balance. 

For this reason alone – and it is only one of many – we hope you can understand the importance of keeping your pool clean. Here are 4 quick and easy ways to keep your pool clean.

#1 Skim Cleaning Your Pool

This is by far and away the quickest and most effective way to clean your pool. Skim cleaners go hand in hand with fibreglass pools; they can even provide a nice workout when you get the technique right! 

A skimmer is used to skim the surface of your pool’s water for floating debris such as leaves and insects.  As these are the most common form of matter in your (and the most numerous)  a skimmer is recommended with every pool. A skimmer is durable, lightweight and easy to handle.

Depending on the size of your pool, most fibreglass pools can be skim cleaned in under 15 minutes. What this does is prevent organic matter from clogging up your filter. It also stops leaves from sticking to the bottom of your pool and staining the surface of your pool. Lastly, it keeps your pool looking pristine and inviting!


#2 Set Up A Robotic Cleaner

A robotic cleaner may not be the fastest way to clean your fibreglass pool, but it’s definitely the easiest – because you don’t have to do a thing! A robotic cleaner only requires you to “set and forget.” Simply choose the cleaning mode for your robotic pal, hook them up and point them into your pool.

A robotic cleaner can take many forms. We’ve all seen the vacuum headed cleaner attached to a bright blue pump of our childhoods. But nowadays robotic cleaners have become far more advanced. A small, cube-like object with 4 large wheels is most common, and some cleaners can even be activated, modified and traced through your phone!

A robotic cleaner will clean the pool for you by making sweeping patrols across the floor and sucking up any stray debris. This is the ultimate easy clean solution and will continue to clean automatically while you’re away. A light skims clean every now and then is still recommended.

#3 Hire A Professional Pool Cleaner

Another smart way to cut down your cleaning time is to hire a pool cleaner. While we here at Factory Pools Perth wholeheartedly believe everyone can benefit from cleaning their own pools, we also understand that sometimes life can become too busy. This is especially the case with larger pools that can take longer to clean.

A professional pool cleaner will take care of skim cleaning, vacuuming and general maintenance of your pool. They will normally visit your pool once a week but this can be modified too. 

The advantage of hiring a professional pool cleaner is that your pool will be regularly cleaned even while you’re away at work and your pool will most likely be in the best of care.

#4 Consider A Pool Vacuum

A pool vacuum is a lesser-known cleaning tool that is as valuable as any other. Did you know that dirt can settle on the floor of your pool and become practically impossible to see? A pool vacuum is designed to clean this up and keep the floor of your pool spotless. It is also invaluable at picking up any organic debris that has sunk to the bottom of your pool and settled in hard to reach places. 

A pool vacuum will take slightly longer to set up and use than a skimmer, on account of the different pieces that make the vacuum. Try to use broad sweeps to clean your pool, and ensure you overlap slightly on the areas you clean in order to not miss anything. 

Now that you’re ready to save time and money by cleaning your pool in the most effective ways possible, it’s time to start thinking about getting a pool! And what better place to look than Factory Pools Perth! (Hint: there is none.) So visit our pool ranges today to find the perfect pool for you and your family!

Finding The Right Pool Can Mean Less Cleaning

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