5 Benefits Of Using A Pool Cover

A pool cover may seem like a simple addition to your pool, but the benefits that one can bring are nothing short of amazing for you and your family.

A pool cover will do so much for your pool without you even knowing, that it can sometimes be hard to even list them all in one place! From lowering your pool’s heating costs, cutting your cleaning time in half, to even being potentially lifesaving, a pool cover is well worth the investment. Read on to learn how a pool cover could benefit your family today.

Save Yourself Time And Money With The Right Cover

Let’s get one thing straight: a pool cover may be able to provide plentiful benefits,  but the most immediately appealing ones to you will be saving time and money.

A pool cover will reduce the amount of time you will spend cleaning and lower the number of chemicals you will need to place in your pool. Additionally, it will save you a significant amount of money not only by lowering heating costs but also by keeping your pool healthy and avoiding any major repairs that would need to be done were it not kept healthy. 

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a pool cover can also be considered a safety feature; vastly increasing the usability of your pool and something that families with children should consider installing. So, let’s dig a little deeper into these benefits to figure out if a pool cover is worth the investment for you.

How A Pool Cover Can Help You:

#1 Maintain Temperature

Firstly, a pool cover will significantly reduce your heating costs. But how? Simply put, fibreglass pools are already remarkably easy to heat in the first place. This is due to the nature of fibreglass being uniquely suited to retaining heat, more so than concrete or vinyl.

Where a pool cover comes in is that it reduces heat loss from a pool, on account of covering its surface. This will vastly increase heat retention, meaning you can use your pool more often during winter without having to spend a fortune on heating bills.

#2 Reduce Incoming Leaf Load

But how does a pool cover reduce your cleaning time? We’re glad you asked because our lovely pool owner community have more than once explained skim cleaning can be a tedious chore.

A pool cover, when used regularly, will block out any leaves that would normally fall into your pool. What this does is lower the amount of time you will need to skim clean and reduce the chance that any stray leaves in your pool will be bleached by the sun, staining your pool’s surface.

# 3 No More Evaporation

It might not be the first thing you think of when purchasing a pool, but evaporation is a real concern for pool owners. Especially over long periods of time. Essentially, the sun will evaporate the water in your pool slowly, lowering the water line and leaving you with less water to swim in. This will affect the chemical composition in your pool, potentially causing a chemical imbalance. 

A cover on the other hand will shield your water from the sun on days you don’t use it, negating any chance of evaporation. No more needing to keep an eye on your waterline!

#4 A Lifeline In The Worst-Case Scenario

By far one of the most crucial benefits that a pool cover brings is its safety standard. A pool cover will weigh quite a lot and provide a stable lifeline to anyone who is unfortunate to fall into your pool. This can be potentially life-saving for young children, pets or anyone who is not a confident swimmer.

#5 Block Out Chemical Imbalance With A Cover

One of the most common reasons for a chemical imbalance is rainwater. Heavy rain can offset your pool’s chemical balance by bringing in external, untreated water. This, in turn, will require you to pour even more chlorine and other such chemicals into your pool to offset the imbalance, resulting in more money spent. A pool cover however will keep out most of the rain and keep in a higher concentration of your pool’s chlorine.

A Pool Cover Makes Owning A Pool Easy!

Keep your pool cleaner for less time and effort with a pool cover. Now that you know how to do both,
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Reasons You Might Not Want A Cover

Although we strongly advise a cover to go with every pool, some pool owners have noted that pool covers have a few drawbacks. These include: 

  1. Many homeowners consider pool covers to be unsightly, due to their plastic material that is brightly coloured
  2. Continuously putting a pool cover on and off throughout the week whenever you intend to swim may be considered by some to be a hassle.
  3. A pool cover requires a roller to be nearby, meaning you may have to compromise some of your backyards space
  4. The colour of pool covers are severely limited and not to many people’s taste.

Get Your Pool Today!

Do you know the one thing that can offer your family more benefits than a pool cover? You might have guessed it already: a fibreglass pool in the first place! 

Fibreglass pools naturally enhance the already significant benefits of a pool cover, such as retaining heat for longer periods of time. If you’ve been on the fence about finally installing a pool, then there’s never been a better time than now! Order your fibreglass pool today before the Summer rush!