5 Ways To Enhance Your Pool's Wow Factor

Owning a swimming pool is a luxury that not only guarantees fun throughout summers but also allows you to spend quality time with your dear ones at home. While having a basic pool with all the necessary features is good enough, you can make the best use of this luxury by installing elements that add that ‘wow’ factor to your pool.

So, if you are all up for going one step ahead with your swimming pool but unsure about what to do, do not worry! We have the ultimate ideas to make your luxurious pool a place your friends and family can never get enough of!

Update your pool fencing

Being the owner of a pool comes with its own set of responsibilities. A swimming pool is a delightful place for kids and adults alike. So, you must ensure that all safety requirements are adequately met. A pool fencing is thus, an essential requirement that helps in preventing accidental drowning.

If you own a pool and wish to remodel it, the easiest way to do so is by updating your pool fencing. The pool fencing you have can do a lot to the overall aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool area. An outdated pool fencing can severely affect the appearance of your pool surroundings. So, if you are thinking of installing a new pool fencing or updating your old one, consider the wide range of options available. Some top pool fencing varieties are:

1. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing:

Frameless glass pool fencing is by far the most popular choice among swimming pool owners. This is an extremely elegant and safe option for kids. In terms of aesthetics, the frameless glass pool fencing adds to the overall aesthetics of the swimming pool. It allows passers-by to catch a glimpse of the pool and also helps in preventing evaporation as there are no gaps between the glass panes. This also prevents it from getting excessively cold during winters. If you have a house built on modern lines, frameless glass pool fencing is what you should go for.

2. Aluminium Pool Fencing:

Aluminium pool fencing is another popular option that people choose. The main advantages of this fencing are that it has anti-rusting properties, high durability, and most importantly, it is quite cost-friendly. If you are looking for simple fencing with long life and budget-friendly properties, aluminium pool fencing is the perfect option.

3. Mesh Pool Fencing:

In a house with kids and pets, mesh pool fencing works quite well. Although it cannot act as a powerful barrier to strong winds, it has anti-rusting properties. It also allows people to view the swimming pool from outside and is an extremely safe option for young family members.

4. Wood Pool Fencing:

Wood pool fencing is also becoming everybody’s top choice. It not only gives a natural appeal to the swimming pool area but also adds to privacy. Traditional wood fencing comes in a lot of designs, shapes, colours, and sizes. It is quite durable and long-lasting as well if proper maintenance is done.

Before you dismantle or install a new pool fence, ensure that it is compliant with the necessary rules and regulations.

Install Good Lighting

Good pool lighting can enable you to swim at night and also add to the uniqueness of your swimming pool. The most popular ways to create a stunning lighted pool are either by adding underwater LED lights or by using glow-in-the-dark tiles.

1. LED lights:

Today, LED lights come with several colour options. Installation of underwater LED lights is quite easy on the pockets and does not consume a lot of electricity. Depending on the size of the pool, a few lights are enough to illuminate the whole area. If the pool is small, even a single light works well. In a long pool, multiple lights can be installed. You can even install lights of different colours and, through a controller, tune the colour and the intensity of the lights. Do you know how lights can enhance your pool?

2. Glow in the dark tiles:

Glow in the dark tiles is another way to add a stunning lighting effect to your swimming pool. These tiles are energy efficient that get charged through solar energy. During the day, they absorb as much sunlight as possible and emit brightness at night. Depending on the sun exposure they receive, they can glow for approximately 6-8 hours. What’s more, is that you can be highly creative when using these tiles. You can create patterns or symbols through these tiles that will glow during the night. Although these tiles are not visible during the daytime, they create a stunning effect during nighttime. Another benefit is that since these tiles derive power from the sun, no wires or other devices need to be installed.

Add Decorative Swimming Pool Elements

A lot of things are available in the market that can make your swimming pool much more interesting. Some of them are:

1. Artificial Waterfalls:

Installation of artificial waterfalls in your pool can transfer you to a natural surrounding. The waterfall not only looks stunning but also gives you a sense of calm and peace. Waterfalls also ensure that the water keeps moving in the swimming pool. This way, it helps in keeping the water fresh.

2. Water Slides:

Who does not love to go on a slide in water parks?! Create a water park in your home by installing water slides. It surely is duper fun for kids, but adults also have a hard time resisting. There is a lot of variety in water slides available today. Depending on the size of the pool, landscape, and other requirements, you can get one for yourself.

3. Decking:

A pool decking adds to the aesthetics and the functionality of a swimming pool. There are many pool decks that you can choose from. Stone decks, for instance, are popular because they are stylish and decorative but a bit on the expensive side. Find out more Affordable backyard pool design ideas here.

Get a Spillover Spa

While you have already invested in a swimming pool, why not get a spa as well? Owning a spa surely adds luxury to your home and acts as a much-needed place to relieve stress. One of the most popular spas for swimming pools is the spillover spa. In a spillover spa, the spa water spills into the pool. This gives a stunning water effect to the pool and provides you relaxation at the same time. You can even install spa jets to get a massage.

Improve the pool surroundings

Your pool may be functioning well, but it is the surroundings that are subtracting the overall aesthetic appeal of the entire place. If that is the case, you know where you need to work on. You can do endless things in this regard. For instance, you can work on landscaping. You can add beautiful plants and trees that accentuate the beauty of the place. You can also build an outdoor kitchen or bar if you like to have pool parties. Adding beautiful sculptures, statues or fountains can make your swimming pool area more elegant. If you have an indoor pool, you can even get a pool theatre so that you can enjoy your favourite films while having a dip. Find out if trees will impact your swimming pool.