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Get Your Pool Summer Ready

Pools Perth
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Is Your Pool Ready for the Summer Season We’re finally getting to the best part of the year for Perth households, summer! The weather is warming up and it’s time to put the jumpers away and grab your t-shirts from the back of the cupboard. It’s also time to make sure your pool is ready for the hot season; both to ensure it stays happy and funct..

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What Water Is Right for Me?

Fibreglass Pools Perth
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Fibreglass Pools

What Water Is Right for you and your Swimming pool? Pools come in varying shapes and sizes, and there are several options when it comes to choosing the type of water for your pool. Depending on the kind of pool you choose, your budget, and personal preference, you may opt for a chlorinated, salt water or freshwater option. Each comes with their..

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Danny Green Telethon Ambassador for HBF Run

Danny Green Telthon swimming pool donation
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Danny Green Telethon Ambassador for HBF Hi Brad, I am very fortunate to have two kids of my own and I’ve had reason to visit Princess Margaret Hospital for both of them. Luckily my reasons were minor, some people aren’t so lucky and I can only imagine how incredibly trying it must be for the families of children who are in there for ve..

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Telethon Auction 3rd April Pool & Spa Expo

Hampton Pool Auction for Telethon
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AUCTION FOR TELETHON For the first time ever, the Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo will be hosting an AUCTION! Factory Pools Perth will be auctioning off an 8m x 4m Hampton pool – fully installed! The pool will also feature a West Coast Eagles Logo embroider into the floor of the Pool. Brad and his staff have a Factory Pools Perth family..

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