A Complete Guide To Swimming Pool Cleaners

When you get a swimming pool in your house, you will be aware that it needs maintenance. Without maintenance, your pool will not just get dirty but will become unsafe to use. If you want to use your pool comfortably, then cleaning it is a must. Cleaning is not an easy chore. It is cumbersome and boring. However, it is an essential task. Manual cleaning is not the only option. There are different options to clean a swimming pool. The article tells you all that you want to know about cleaning a swimming pool.


The Essentials Of Pool Cleaning

Cleaning a swimming pool requires time and effort. You also need to be aware of how this is to be done. Here is some essential information about pool cleaning:

  • A filtration system is essential for a pool. This ensures clean water is circulated and impurities are removed. This helps prevent the growth of algae and other microorganisms.
  • You need to add chlorine to the pool or salt (depending on the pool type). The right quantity should be added to prevent the build-up of salt, allowing microbes to breed.
  • Leaves and other objects can fall into your pool. You need to have the right apparatus to clean it.

Clean It Yourself

The basic cleaning option available is the DIY option. This is the manual method of cleaning where you need to clean the pool yourself manually. Of course, you can take someone’s help if you wish. This is cleaning using basic equipment. The benefit of cleaning it yourself is that it hardly costs any money. You can do it at a convenient time. The downside is that manual labor is needed. You also need to set aside time for it.

You need a skimmer net that can be used to remove leaves and other such debris from the pool. You need a telescopic pole for cleaning; you can attach the net to it to clean debris.

  • Next, you need to clean the walls and floor of the swimming pool. You need to scrub the surface. This ensures the floor and walls are cleaned of dirt. Most importantly, it removes algae from the pool.
  • You need to vacuum the pool after emptying it. This ensures it is cleaned perfectly. You can attach the vacuum head to the telescopic pool to clean it.
  • If you have a fibreglass pool, as most people do, you need to use only nylon brushes to clean it.
  • You need to skin clean the pool once every day.
  • The pool needs to be brushed to clean the walls and floor at least twice a week.
  • Vacuuming cleaning can be done two or three times a week.

Automatic Pool Cleaning

The biggest drawback of manual pool cleaning is that you need to put in time and effort once every few days in the cleaning of the pool. If you are busy and don’t have time to do this, then don’t worry! There is an option available for all those who hate manual cleaning. This is automatic cleaning! The automatic cleaners make use of equipment that does the cleaning for you. It involves making an investment to purchase the equipment. In return, you save time and effort. You can also ensure effective cleaning, which is not always possible through manual cleaning.

There are different types of automatic pool cleaners available. They are:

Suction Side Cleaner

Your pool would have a skimmer box that is a part of the filtration system. The suction cleaner attaches itself to the skimmer box through a hose. It makes use of the suction of the filtration system to suck out dirt and grime from the pool. There are two types here. One is the inertia driven cleaner. This covers your pool in a random manner but ultimately cleans the entire pool. A geared suction cleaner covers the pool in a pre-decided pattern. This ensures it can clean corners and clean faster. You need to remove the cleaner when not in use.

Pressure Side Cleaner

These cleaners are more powerful than suction cleaners. They have a booster pump that needs to be connected by a hose to the pool wall. It is fast and more effective. The cleaners have a filter bag that collects dirt and grime released by the cleaning. It does a thorough job and doesn’t leave out anything. However, it is more expensive and requires more maintenance. The type of pressure side cleaner you choose would depend on the type of pool, size, filtration system used, etc.


Robotic Cleaner

This is the most advanced type of cleaners. It also the most expensive. This is because it is highly effective and does a perfect job. The robotic cleaner involves a robot or machine that does the cleaning. It needs power and needs a separate outlet for connection. Unlike the other two cleaners, it does not require to be connected to the filtration system. Even though they work on electric power, they are safe. The power cuts off automatically in case of any problem.

They operate on low voltages. Hence, they don’t consume too much power. They come with extra-long cords. This makes these cleaners useful even for large pools. The robotic cleaner has its own brush and vacuum. It ensures thorough cleaning of the pool. If you have a large pool that you use frequently, then this cleaner is the best solution. The equipment itself needs to be maintained properly. This is a minor inconvenience compared to the benefits it offers.

Self-Cleaning Pool

We live in a time when technology rules. Technology has made our lives easier in almost every sphere of life. Technology is now being used for swimming pool cleaning. This has led to the development of a unique and innovative concept known as the self-cleaning pool. This is a system that works with fibreglass pools. The following is information about the self-cleaning pool system:

  • The system is a fully automated one. This means there is no human intervention required. The entire cleaning is managed by the system with zero human effort needed.
  • The system uses the concept of intelligent pool circulation. This ensures the pool and its floor are cleaned as when dirt, grime, or any other debris accumulates. This ensures the pool remains clean always. This ensures the pool is ready for use at any time.
  • There are no pipes needed in this system, making it convenient for use. There are nozzles that help in the cleaning. They are fitted into the pool floor. When someone is swimming, the system does not work. This ensures a user can swim safely and comfortably without any problems.
  • The nozzles use jets of clean water to push dirt and debris into a compartment. All this happens automatically without any noise.
  • The system also manages pool chemicals, ensuring optimum use. This prevents skin irritation and other problems.
  • Since the system uses advanced technology, it is very expensive.

… A self-cleaning system is fully automated, and requires no human intervention to run …

You would have found this article to be an informative guide on swimming pool cleaners. Depending on the type of pool you have and your needs, you can select any of these options. Cleaning becomes easier and more effective by using the right cleaning option. Contact our experts today!