A Healthy Pool Is A Good Pool

A Healthy Pool or a Sick Pool

Tips From The Experts

  • 1 Never allow the pool to flow over in winter. Use the waste function on the backwash valve to lower the water level to approximately 75mm from the top. Allowing the pool to continually overflow may damage the installation.
  • 2 Regularly top up pool water level in the summer. If the levels are too low, the pump will suck air and could damage the unit.
  • 3 Never mix chemicals of any type, even the same make of chemicals from different containers. Always mix chemicals into water and dilute before adding to the pool. Administer each chemical individually before adding the next.
  • 4 Avoid installing sprinklers immediately adjacent to the filter electrical installation. A short-circuit induced by the ingress of water is not covered under warranty.
  • 5 Excessive water from sloping ground, roof tops and the like, must be diverted around the pool installation. This is particularly important where the pool has been installed in clay or rocky ground and the drainage is poor.
  • 6 Regularly test the pool water to maintain the correct chemical balance. Incorrectly balanced and excessively chlorinated water may be harmful to your pool.
  • 7 Avoid children playing with iron or steel toys in the pool.The resulting rust stains may be removed by spotting the affected area with oxalic acid, sometimes called “Destain”. Citric acid may also be used.
  • 8 Never drain a swimming pool without consulting your manufacturer or installer.
  • 9 Hydrochloric acid is a very strong liquid acid and requires particular attention in handling and storage. It’s suggested that the recommended acids be used in diluted forms.
  • 10 Excessive quantities of any chemical may have a detrimental effect on the surface finish of your pool.
  • 11 The recommended length of time to run the filtration system is: 
  1. Summer –    8 Hours A Day
  2. Autumn  –   4-6 Hours A Day
  3. Winter  –   2-4 Hours A Day
  4. Spring  –  4-6 Hours A Day

In summary

The path to a sparkling clean, balanced and healthy pool is to follow a regular maintenance programme.

By using recommended pool grade chemicals and following the free professional analysis of your SPASA accredited pool shop representative, you’ll obtain maximum enjoyment from your pool or spa with minimum fuss.

This article is courtesy of SPASA WA