An Informative Guide to Smart Pools – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Picture this – you had a long and laborious day at work. It’s late and you can’t wait to reach home and enjoy a relaxing dip in your swimming pool. But, here’s the problem. You are stuck in traffic and it takes 30 minutes for your pool to warm. That’s a long wait you don’t have the patience for. Is there a solution to this situation? Enter Smart Pools.

What is a Smart Pool?

Also known as future pools or intelligent pools, smart pools are the better and upgraded versions of a regular pool. Backed by state-of-the-art technology, smart pools are fully automated. This means all the functions from heating and lighting to pool cleaning and maintaining the pool’s chemical balance can be done automatically.

In simpler words, you can control all the aspects of your pool by simply installing a website, app or downloadable software on your smartphone or such other device. You can push a button to perform any function, no matter where you are. You could be in your car driving back home and still turn on the heating of your smart pool so it’s ready to be dipped into once you reach.

Let’s dive into the details to understand the perks of owning a smart pool and what aspects you can automate in it.

How Do I Benefit from A Smart Pool?

Here are some advantages of a smart pool that make your life less stressful:

· Enhances Convenience

Smart pools are designed keeping modern convenience in mind. They are fully automated, leaving you plenty of time to spend with friends and family over a pool party or spa session. Once connected to the device of your choice, it lets you control all the pool’s components no matter where you are.

· Saves Money

If you are wondering whether smart pool components and add-ons are expensive, we won’t lie to you – they are. But if you look at the features and money you save on maintenance procedures in the long run smart pools are a better bet. Think- cleaning materials and energy bill savings every month that can add to a huge amount.

· Saves Time

In today’s fast-paced world, it wouldn’t be wrong to say time is the most valuable currency we have. The futuristic technologies that smart pools come with leave you more free time in your hands to spend it as you please. No more wasting your off days scrubbing the pool or purifying the water.

· Boosts your Property Value

A well-built smart pool is likely to add immense value to your property should you consider selling it at a later point. It can lure home buyers with its sophisticated design coupled with modern facilities. Smart pools are becoming an asset that you can leverage to get the best worth of your home.

What Parts of My Pool Can I Automate?

You can automate the manual tasks as well as the pre-programmed systems of your swimming pool. Let’s look at the main areas:

1. Intelligent Central Management System

Earlier, in the case of traditional pools, it was required that the control panel for the pool management system be located inside the home of the pool owner. Today, pool technology companies have made significant progress in this area. Now, you can set up the pool’s central management system on websites, apps or downloadable software that you can control while on the move.

Happen to own a smart system like Amazon Echo or Google Home? Even better! You can simply sync the smart pool central management system with your voice-activated smart home device and control your pool from anywhere, anytime. By pressing a button or voicing a command, you can operate all your home and smart pool systems from one place making it highly convenient and hassle-free.

Before you install a smart pool, ensure you compare and select the best pool specialist who can take care of upgrades for your pool’s central management system.

2. Automated Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are the most important parts of your pool. They are responsible for circulating the water, so it stays healthier and cleaner. When the water circulates, there is a lesser chance for bacteria and algae to grow. Plus, it keeps the water temperature evenly regulated so there are no cold spots.

Having said that, regular pool pumps can be quite expensive to run. Typically, they use between 1600 and 2000 watts of energy which can burn a hole in your pockets if you aren’t carefully tracking its use. You cannot afford to leave them running and forget about it.

On the other hand, a high-quality smart pool pump is very energy-efficient. It uses up to 85% less energy as compared to traditional pool pumps. This takes away the stress of landing with an exorbitant electricity bill. When you have a smart pool, the smart pool sensors can alert you when there is a need for the pool pumps to run. With a single tap on your smartphone or laptop, you can turn them on and off for the healthiest pool.

3. Self-cleaning Pools

Does the thought of manually cleaning your pools give you nightmares? Fishing out debris with nets or scrubbing your pools with a long hose is not probably what you had in mind when you dreamed of being a pool owner. Often, traditional pool owners spend more time maintaining the pool than enjoying a swim in it. But it does not have to be this way.

With smart pools, you don’t have to endure the back-breaking job of keeping your pool water sparkling clear. These clever pools take care of themselves, leaving your pool healthier to swim in.

Smart pools come with a system that works via a series of nozzles installed on the pool floor. When you are swimming, they lie flush so there are no obstructions as you swim. But when not in use, the nozzles open and shoot jets of water to the top from the pool floor. This pushes the debris towards the pool drain and maintains the health of the water.

4. Smart Salt Chlorinators

Testing the chlorine levels of your pool is a pivotal part of pool maintenance. The wrong chlorine levels can irritate your eyes and skin and sometimes even cause rashes. It is imperative to get these levels right so the bacteria gets killed and the water remains hygienic to swim in.

Smart pools have automated salt chlorinators that take the guesswork out of maintaining the correct pH level of your pool water. They automatically test the water and regularly add chemicals when needed allowing you to swim in a healthier and cleaner pool.

These automated salt chlorinators are accurate and never overestimate the chlorine needed for your pool. You are likely to save time and energy in the long run by installing a smart salt chlorinator.

An increasing number of pool owners are upgrading their traditional pools with state-of-the-art technology to make them smarter and more convenient. If you too are considering making your pool a smart pool, we will be happy to walk you through the process! Please get in touch.