Backyard Pools For Small Spaces Which Give BIG Fun For The Whole Family!

Have you not installed a pool in your home because you’re worried about space constraints? Just because you have a small backyard, it doesn’t mean you have to put a pin on your dreams of getting a pool.

Here we give you a breakdown of the best pool options you can consider when buying a small pool for a small backyard.


The Best Size For A Pool In A Small Backyard

Any pool under 200 sq. ft. mark is considered a small pool. If you’re looking at what size pool you can choose, you can choose from these popular options:

  • 10’ x 20’ pool
  • 12’ x 14’ pool
  • 10’ x 10′ pool
  • 8’ x 20′ pool
  • 7’ x 21’ pool

You can actually get smaller sizes if you get one custom made. The pool installer will come to your home, measure the backyard, check for the presence of any power lines nearby and then tell you about the bespoke pool size you will need.

Now, you may not be able to host large pool parties with swimming pools this small. But they’ll be perfect for you and your family to lounge in, for your kids to learn how to swim and even indulge in a bit of exercise.

The Best Shape For A Pool In A Small Backyard

Your backyard shouldn’t be completely covered by the pool. There needs to be sufficient space to have room for walking as well. So, you need to consider this when you’re choosing a pool shape.

Ideally, a freeform pool is the best for a small backyard. It can give you a lot of flexibility and freedom to place the pool anywhere around the yard. If you have a cramped space, you can position the pool in the place where you can optimally utilize the small backyard space you have.

If you don’t want an in-ground pool, a rectangular pool placed in the middle or side of your yard will give you enough space to move about on your lawn.

Now, if you have family members of different age groups or interests (for example, some like to lounge while others like to swim), you can divide the pool into a stacked/vertical design. Here, the longer part of the pool will be used for swimming & exercise. It will be separated from the shorter part (which will be used for lounging) by a wall-like partition. This can be done easily in rectangular pools.


The Best Material For A Pool In A Small Backyard

Swimming pools can be made using four materials:

  • Mosaic tiling
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl liners
  • Fiberglass

The choice of the material is completely up to you. But here is why we believe that fiberglass is your best option:


Fiberglass is great because it is the most customizable. Fiberglass is a special type of plastic that can be melted and set into any desired shape. Once the pool installer takes the measurements of your backyard, the fiberglass material can be used to design any custom shape pool you prefer – rectangular, circular, kidney or freeform.


If you’re looking for a material that is really durable and lasts for decades, you might have considered concrete.

While concrete is the most-durable, it is highly-restrictive, since it cannot be shaped into different designs. Concrete comes in blocks of a specific size and shape. You can’t create a custom concrete block to suit your backyard’s unique dimensions.

Additionally, concrete blocks are generally large in size and they take up a lot of yard space, which you could filled with pool water. Fiberglass is a thinner and lighter material which doesn’t take up as much space.

Also, concrete pools are very expensive, starting at a base price of $50,000!

Aesthetics & Ease Of Maintenance

If you want to choose a material that isn’t as thick as concrete, but can be customized in shape and which looks great as well, you might be considering mosaic tiles. That is a good choice. Mosaic tiles come in varied patterns and colors and you can install a pool to suit your home’s exteriors.

But here’s the thing. Mosaic tiles are really delicate. Dropping something on the pool floor can chip a tile and break it. Or, if you’re wearing a finger ring while in the pool and you accidentally scratch the tiles, these marks will be permanent. You’ll need to spend extra on replacing such damaged tiles.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, is extremely durable. The material, once set into the pool shape of your choice, never changes shape again. It doesn’t retain any scratches and any stains can be just rubbed down easily. Plus, fiberglass pools don’t have any components that can break like tiles.


Low Cost

Finally, if you’re considering the cost of the material, vinyl liner certainly fits the bill. It’s budget-friendly, available in different colors and can be installed quickly.

But this material is extremely sensitive to heat and doesn’t retain its appearance for long. If you live in a sunny place, the heat can cause the vinyl liner material to wrinkle and become dull. Once it does, it doesn’t revert to its original condition and will have to be replaced. So, any

savings you made at first will be undone due to the constant pool replacement.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, is heat-resistant and doesn’t expand, contract or crack due to temperature changes. It is non-porous and non-reactive. It doesn’t absorb or react to any chemical cleaning agents or chlorine, when you’re cleaning the pool. It will stay the same color and will have the same quality for many years.

Plus, all of these advantages come at a really pocket-friendly cost. Basic types of fiberglass pools can be installed for around $10,000. If you have a larger budget, you can then use it to buy pool accessories.


The Best Pool Accessories To Use For A Pool In A Small Backyard

Size doesn’t matter when you want to use accessories like automated pool cleaning equipment. An experienced pool installer will know just how to lay the pipes in a way that it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your back yard.

You can also easily get LED lights and heaters fitted inside the pool. If you have kids who love the pool slide, you can get a simple and short one installed. If you don’t intend to swim a lot in your small pool, you can actually convert the pool into a hot tub. It’s easy to attach the heating technology you need.

The Best Landscaping Features That Go Well With A Pool In A Backyard

Small pools give you plenty of space to do some landscaping as well. You can easily have the area around the pool paneled in wood and create a deck. You can even put up a few chairs and tables here and there.

If you want something natural looking, you can have a carpet of artificial grass installed and have a tiny hedging made of small stones. If you’d like a feature that grabs eyeballs, then having a rain descent either at the entrance to the pool or on one of the walls, is a great idea.

You can even get a pebbled landscape done around your pool. Then you can have a few umbrella stands installed on the sides of the pool and keep open umbrellas in them. This creates a nice, beachy vibe.

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