Preston 5.5m x 2.5m


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If you have a narrow backyard or restricted area, the Preston Series is the perfect slimline pool design for you. It features a full-length bench and an unobstructed swimming area, providing a balanced mix of relaxation and exercise. Moreover, the Preston Series offers versatile positioning with dual entry and exit points, square internal corners for a sleek look, and a bench seat that allows for closer positioning to boundaries and structures.

One of the significant benefits of fibreglass swimming pools is their energy efficiency. Thanks to the smooth and non-porous surface of the fibreglass, water friction is reduced, which means the pool pump works less to circulate the water. Consequently, fibreglass pools are more cost-effective to run and use less energy compared to other pool types. Fibreglass pools are also great at retaining heat, which can significantly reduce heating costs during the cooler months.

Additionally, fibreglass pools offer a quicker installation process compared to other pool types. Unlike concrete pools that can take several months to install, fibreglass pools can be installed within weeks. The pre-fabricated pool shell is transported to the homeowner’s property and installed into the excavated area, which reduces the installation time and disruption to the surrounding areas.

In summary, fibreglass swimming pools offer several benefits, including design flexibility, durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency, and a quicker installation process. The Preston Series is an excellent example of a high-quality and stylish fibreglass pool that can fit into narrow backyards or restricted areas, with its unobstructed swimming area, full-length bench seating, dual entry and exit points, square internal corners, and bench seat for closer positioning to boundaries and structures.

Key Features:

  1. Unobstructed Swimming Area
  2. Full Length Bench Seating, Ideal For Optional Spa Seat
  3. Dual Entry and Exit Points For Versatile Positioning
  4. Square Internal Corners Allow For 90 Degree Paving Without Unsightly Mitres
  5. Bench Seat Allows For Close Position To Boundaries and Structures

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3. Installation Of Your Pool

We will start the process of the construction and excavation of your pool, you can rest assured that this process will be hassle-free as much as possible and can take as little as 7 days to be completed.

4. Enjoying Your Pool

Congratulations you now have your own top quality fibreglass swimming pool with one of Australia’s favourite companies. Now you can enjoy those warm sunny days, relax, have fun and make the most of life for many years to come.

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