The Medina 7m x 3.6m


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Introducing the Medina 7.0m x 3.6m: A Modern Pool Design Crafted for Contemporary Residences. With its sleek dimensions and thoughtful features, this pool is the ideal choice for those seeking a blend of aesthetics and functionality. The Medina 7.0m x 3.6m boasts clean lines, tight radius corners, and convenient side entry steps, culminating in a design that exudes sophistication while ensuring a practical swimming experience.

Key Attributes

  • Modern Elegance: The Medina 7.0m x 3.6m is a seamless addition to modern homes, characterized by its harmonious proportions and sleek edges. The inclusion of square internal and external corners not only enhances its visual appeal but also eliminates any concerns about paving overhang.

  • Optimized Swimming Space: The design ingeniously maximizes the swimming area by skillfully integrating tight radius corners and side entry steps. This ensures an expansive and unobstructed space for your aquatic activities.

  • Relaxation Haven: Immerse yourself in luxury with the Medina’s spacious seating area, designed for relaxation and comfort. Additionally, the option for spa jets transforms this space into a private retreat for unwinding after a long day.

Versatile Colour Palette for Fibreglass Pools

Experience the evolution of fibreglass pools with the Medina 7.0m x 3.6m. With advancements in swimming pool technology, fibreglass pools offer not only a wide array of sizes and shapes but also an impressive spectrum of captivating colours. Our selection encompasses 1 standard colour and an additional 8 striking hues, all designed to withstand UV exposure. Among the favoured shades, the Royal Blue Shimmer, Pacific Shimmer, and Ocean Shimmer capture attention with their allure. Emerging as a new favourite, the Royal Jade Shimmer adds a touch of elegance. Keep in mind that the water’s appearance will dynamically transform based on factors like light intensity, sun exposure, shadows, and surface water movement. Experience the future of pool aesthetics with the captivating Medina 7.0m x 3.6m.

4 Easy Steps To Owning Your Own Swimming Pool

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2. Obtaining The Approval For Your Quote

All council approvals will be organised by our experienced dealer, this will be done before we start the job.

3. Installation Of Your Pool

We will start the process of the construction and excavation of your pool, you can rest assured that this process will be hassle-free as much as possible and can take as little as 7 days to be completed.

4. Enjoying Your Pool

Congratulations you now have your own top quality fibreglass swimming pool with one of Australia’s favourite companies. Now you can enjoy those warm sunny days, relax, have fun and make the most of life for many years to come.

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