Building A New House? Here Is Why You Should Definitely Include A Fibreglass Pool!

If you're in the process of building a brand new house for yourself and your family, don't make the mistake of solely concentrating on the house. After all, the outdoors are important as well.

One of the best ways to make things exciting on the outside is to invest in a swimming pool. In this post, we’ll tell you all the reasons why a fibreglass pool makes for a great investment.

1. For health and fitness reasons

Swimming is one of the best ways to stay fit, as it provides a wide variety of health benefits. From keeping your heart healthy to building endurance to toning muscles to making the body more flexible – it’s an activity that works out the entire body. Even if you’re only a recreational swimmer, there’s still a lot to gain from swimming, as it’s a great stress buster. Recreational swimming is also considered to be a low-impact exercise that is ideal for recovering from injuries.

3. For cooling you down on a hot summer's day

In the summer months, you don’t even need to do much to feel all sweaty and sticky. Instead of keeping the high temperature and humidity levels at bay through air-conditioning, why not choose a healthier option in the form of a swimming pool? Of course, you could head out to the beach if you want. However, if you’re tied down by a busy schedule, having a pool right outside the house makes things convenient.

2. For entertaining guests

Poolside parties make for memorable events, and if you want your new house to endear itself to your best friends, there’s nothing better than throwing one. You could use the entire poolside area to set up an electric party atmosphere. The best part is that if a few of the guests feel like taking a dip, they can go right ahead and make it a party to remember. Fibreglass pools, in particular, look stunning and are the perfect centre pieces for any outdoor pool party.

4. For keeping the kids engaged

If your kids are at home during weekends and school holidays, a swimming pool offers a great way to keep them engaged and entertained without leaving home. However, you should ensure that you have all necessary safety precautions in place to prevent mishaps. The best thing to do is to jump into the pool with them for a relaxing time with the family. That way, you get to supervise their activities in the pool and spend some quality time with them as well.

5. For increasing the value of your property

You’re only building your new home, so you probably aren’t thinking too much about selling it in the future. However, you always keep your mind open to the possibility of moving one day. In such a scenario, you’d be looking to extract as much value as possible by selling your property. This is where a swimming pool can work wonders by increasing the property’s value. You can use Google or any other search engine to compare prices of properties without swimming pools to properties with swimming pools – the results will surprise you.

7. For the benefits of fibreglass

You might be wondering why we’re promoting fibreglass pools so much when there are other types of pools you can invest in as well. Well, the fact is that right now, the pros of fibreglass pools far outweigh those offered by concrete and vinyl liner pools. For instance, concrete pools are incredibly expensive, and the worst part is that they need a lot of maintenance. Vinyl liner pools, on the other hand, while being cheaper than both concrete and fibreglass pools, are not durable at all. So, if you’re keen on investing in a pool, the safest and most durable option is fibreglass. It’s also the most low-maintenance option.

6. For saving up on long-term trip costs

Families that live in properties without swimming pools typically travel to lavish resorts and expensive beach destinations during their extended holidays. Over time, these trips can really put pressure on your finances. However, having a swimming pool at home means that you only need to step out of your house to experience something different. Sure, you’ll have to bear expenses related to the pool’s maintenance, but they’ll be nowhere close to what you’d have to spend on frequent trips with the family.

Tips to Take Care of Your Fibreglass Pool

So, if you’ve gone through everything we’ve shared with you so far, you might already be contemplating investing in a fibreglass pool. However, simply investing in one isn’t enough. Even though fibreglass pools offer more in terms of being low-maintenance than concrete and vinyl liner pools, there are still some things you have to keep an eye out for. In this section, we’ll briefly cover a few maintenance tips that will help your fibreglass pool last a long time.

  • Choose fibreglass-friendly products: From time to time, you’ll have to use certain products to keep your fibreglass pool in proper shape. These products include brushes, cleansers, and more. Before you buy them, you must ensure that they’re fibreglass-friendly. If they aren’t, they may do more harm than good to your pool, which may impact the safety and durability aspects of the pool.
  • Invest in a high-quality pool filter: You’ll have to add certain chemicals to the pool water from time to time to make sure that it’s safe for swimming. Sometimes, these chemicals tend to accumulate in a particular part of the pool, which is why you need a quality pool filter. A pool filter aids in circulating the chemicals around the pool so that the quality of water remains consistent throughout the pool.
  • Consult the experts: Fibreglass pool installers have the technical know-how on how to care for fibreglass pools. So, if you’re ever in any doubt regarding the maintenance steps you need to take, get in touch with them, and they’ll be glad to share whatever they know with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Add a fibreglass pool to your backyard, and feel the difference!