Can A Fibreglass Pool Have A Waterslide?

Yes, your fibreglass pool most certainly can have a waterslide, in fact adding water features to your pool is a fantastic way to make your swimming experience more exciting adding hours of fun and enjoyment for the whole family. Think of having your very own water park in your backyard, the memories to be made for birthdays, weekends, holidays will be endless. Before making the decision on which waterslide is right for you, let’s take a look at a few things to consider.


How Much Will A Waterslide Cost?

The first thing you will need to decide on is your budget for your waterslide. Waterslides can range from a few hundred dollars up to thousands. Choosing the cheapest isn’t always the best way to go as you need to make sure the weight capacity is going to be enough for whoever will be using it. You also need to make sure that it is constructed well and has top of the line safety features. Don’t forget that there are installation costs to think about too, most of the time this is included in the total costs but it is worthwhile to double-check.

Which Style Of Waterslide Is Right For You?

When it comes to residential waterslides you would be surprised at the large variety there is to choose from. Some slides are completely straight and fast, whilst some can do a full 360 turn and others can be a slower slide with curves. Once you have decided on a slide you will then need to make the decision if you want the slide going left or right. If you are after a slide to really give that thrill and water park experience then choose one that has its own water supply. This means that there will be water at the top of the slide running down, just like what you experience at a water park. You will also be able to adjust how fast you want the water running down which will determine the speed of your slide. Choosing a waterslide with its own water supply will also make the slide a safer and more exciting experience!

What Colour Can My Waterslide Be?

When choosing the colour for your waterslide its important to take note of the surrounds and furnishings in your outdoor area. For example, your daughter may want a bright pink waterslide like barbie but realistically is a pink slide something you will be happy with forever? Waterslides can be expensive and it’s not something you are going to want to change in a couple of years. Most customers tend to go for colours that blend in well with their surrounds such as blue, tan and grey and beige.

What Material Will My Waterslide Be Made From?

Residential waterslides are made from a smooth fibreglass material which is moulded into the shape of your slide and supported by a metal frame.

When Purchasing My Waterslide What Features Should I Look For

Before deciding on your slide it is important to make sure that it comes with the correct safety features. The slide you choose should have steps and a ladder that is non-slip, strong and sturdy handrails and fixings that can last and not corrode in wet conditions.

Do I Need To Clean My Waterslide

The simple answer is yes, your waterslide will need to be cleaned as it’s important to make sure the pool chemicals are removed from the slide so they don’t cause any damage. The best way to clean your slide is with a non-harsh cleaner such as Windex or even dishwashing liquid. The process is as follows, apply the cleaner, allow it to sit for around 15 minutes and then rinse off the slide with water and using a soft sponge or cloth, just make sure the cleaning cloth is a soft non-abrasive material. In the warmer months when the slide is being used more often your slide should be cleaned at least once every few weeks. If you are wanting to disinfect your waterslide this can be done to, please do not use an ordinary disinfectant, you will need to purchase a pool slide disinfectant from a swimming pool shop.

Check Your Waterslide Each Year

It is important to ensure each year you thoroughly check your pool slide. Make sure that everything is structurally still strong, sturdy and safe to use. The best time to do this would be before the warmer months begin when the slide will be being used more frequently. Have a close and thorough look over the slide and make sure no bolts are loose and that there is no wear and tear or any rough areas on the slide.

Rules For Using Your Waterslide

Once your waterslide is installed it would be a good idea to have some rules written up and placed near your slide so everyone understands the importance of safety. This is especially important for when you have guests over that aren’t particularly familiar with using a waterslide.

Example Of Some Safety Rules

• Make sure that children are always supervised when using the slide

• Never go head first as can cause serious neck and head injuries

• One person at a time going up the pool ladder

• Everyone must wait their turn

• No toys or objects on the slide as can cause injuries

• No running in the pool area

Having your very own waterslide will bring so much fun and excitement to your lifestyle. It is such a fantastic water feature to have whether it is used for fun on the weekends, pool parties, birthdays or even for after school playdates. Having a pool slide can be enjoyed by the entire family and bring endless hours of fun with many memories to be had. Here at Factory Pools Perth we have over 30 years experience in the fibreglass pool industry and have extensive knowledge with water features for all our pools. Feel free to give us a call today and we can assist you in any way we can.

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