Can Fibreglass Pools Be Installed Above The Ground?

Fibreglass pools are pre-constructed in factories and brought to the desired site for installation. If you’re worried about the cost of installing an in-ground fibreglass pool or whether your backyard’s layout will allow such installation, you may find it easier to have an above ground fibreglass pool installed. Yes, you heard that right. It is possible to install a fibreglass pool above the ground, and there are many benefits to doing this. Before we get into those, let’s go over a brief overview of the different ways that fibreglass pools can be installed.


In-ground fibreglass pools

In-ground fibreglass pools are the most popular way that fibreglass pools are installed. While this is the ideal choice for most homeowners, it requires that you have a normal, flat site.

Partially above ground fibreglass pools

While in-ground fibreglass pools may be the most popular choice, they aren’t always practical given the nature and layout of the land in your backyard. In such cases, installing a fibreglass pool that’s partially above the ground is one way to enjoy the benefits of having a pool in your backyard.

Fully above ground fibreglass pools

If you want to avoid having to pay for costly excavation work or need a pool that’s well above the natural ground level due to the layout and nature of your backyard land, then a fully above ground fibreglass pool is the right choice for you.

Why would someone want to install an above ground fibreglass pool?

There are many reasons why some people prefer to install an above ground fibreglass pool. Some of the reasons are:

To save money on construction

Installing your fibreglass pool above the ground can help you save money on the excavation of the land and the usage of backfill material. This makes it a cheaper alternative to an in-ground swimming pool for many people.

To ensure that the level of the pool deck comes off at a higher level of the house

Many people desire that the pool deck comes off at a higher level of their house and in such cases, installing an above ground fibreglass pool is the right choice. When opting for this, though, it’s important to consider two main factors:

Ensure that it is custom-built from the manufacturer so that you can be certain of its structural integrity. You need to provide support around the fibreglass shell by using an additional retaining wall which will later be covered using a framed deck.


To make sure that the fibreglass pool is above the potential flood plain

If you live in a low lying area and your pool yard is prone to flooding that can inundate your fibreglass pool, you may want to consider installing an above ground fibreglass pool. Some people think that flooding can cause a fibreglass pool to pop out but in reality, providing the right support to the structure and having an elevated pool will keep it safe from flooding.

To keep the downhill side exposed if the fibreglass pool is built on a hillside

If your fibreglass pool is built on a hillside and you want to ensure that the downhill side of the pool is left exposed, constructing an above ground fibreglass pool is a good option. It’s important in such cases to utilise some method of erosion control on the downhill side so that you don’t risk washing out the backfill material as well as the hillside.

If you seem to identify with any of the following, you may want to consider getting an above ground fibreglass pool for your home:

• You live in a sloping site which requires your swimming pool to be above the ground.

• You want your swimming pool to be installed closer to your building.

• You want your swimming pool installation to happen on a patio or deck above the natural ground level.

• You want to include an infinity edge or windows along with your swimming pool.

What are the benefits of installing an above ground fibreglass pool?

There are many benefits of having an above ground fibreglass pool, such as:

They’re cheaper

When you opt for an above ground fibreglass pool, you’ll be able to save a lot of money on pool installation. You can avoid the expenses related to conventional excavation as well as the equipment needed for installation of an in-ground fibreglass pool. This will allow you to save money while still giving you a pool of high quality that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

They’re more convenient

Since above ground fibreglass pools don’t require you to wait for excavation of the land in your backyard, they’re more convenient to install. Not only will you save on expenses relating to construction, but you’ll also avoid waiting around for the installation to be completed. This convenience of installation means that you’ll get to enjoy jumping into the pool a lot faster and using it for physical exercise or even entertainment purposes.

They’re more durable

Even above ground fibreglass pools are made of high-quality fibreglass shell that offers greater durability and has higher tactile strength. Such pool shells are constructed in a way that gives them a slight flex and accommodates earth movements to prevent any cracking of the material. This makes them last longer and gives them structural integrity that allows you to have peace of mind about how durable the swimming pool is.


They allow for customisation of their aesthetics

While fibreglass shells may be pre-constructed, you still have the liberty to customise their aesthetics to suit your style and preferences. There’s so much you can do to add to the aesthetic value of your fibreglass pool. There are multiple options for finishes that you can use and several landscaping features that you can opt for to elevate the aesthetics of your above ground fibreglass pool. You’ll want your above ground fibreglass pool to complement your sense of style and taste preferences, so be sure to choose features that will help you achieve the overall look you’re going for.

These benefits make having an above ground fibreglass pool a great option for you and your family.

Leave it up to the professionals

While getting a fibreglass pool installed above ground in your backyard for your home, it’s crucial that you make use of the services of a professional. While fibreglass pool shells are pre-constructed, above-ground installations require some support to lend them the structural integrity expected of a fully functioning swimming pool. This is not a task you should take lightly. Making use of a professional will ensure that you get the best for your home.

A professional will be able to examine the land in your backyard and listen to what you have to say about your expectations. They will be able to recommend the best option for you, taking your expectations and the nature of the land into consideration. They will also be able to ensure your pool has the structural integrity it requires while meeting your aesthetic requirements. Don’t settle for just anyone when it comes to pool installation as faulty installation can cost you a lot of money, time, and energy in repairs and corrective work. Make use of a professional from the start to get the best out of pool installation.

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