Can Fibreglass Pools Be Saltwater?

You've chosen your dream pool, and now comes the time to choose which sanitation option you want it to have. There are several types available, and one of the more popular ones is saltwater. But can a fibreglass pool have a saltwater system? The direct answer to this question is, yes! Here is everything you need to know about pairing your fibreglass pool with a saltwater system.

Many pool owners opt for saltwater over chlorine as it tends to be not as harsh on the skin and eyes and isn’t prone to having a chlorinated smell that a traditional chlorine pool can have from time to time.

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One of the biggest misconceptions about saltwater pools is that you’ll essentially have an ocean in the backyard however, the salt levels are hardly noticeable and much less than the ocean.

Saltwater Vs Chlorine And The Pros And Cons Of Each

Contrary to popular belief, saltwater pools and chlorine pools both use chlorine to sanitise the pool, the only difference is that instead of adding high doses of concentrated chlorine to the pool to clean it, a saltwater pool has salt added and a salt-chlorine generator coverts this salt into low doses of chlorine which cleans the pool, so it is not the salt that cleans the pool it’s the salt that’s converted into chlorine that does.

Even though a saltwater pool uses lower doses of chlorine to clean the pool, the water quality is on par with using chlorine and since saltwater pools don’t fade swimming costumes and is friendlier to the senses, it makes for a great sanitation choice.

Saltwater and the effects it may have on different pool types

When it comes to pool types, there are three main materials used for constructing pools, and they are:

  1. Concrete pools

  2. Vinyl liner pools

  3. Fibreglass pools

This is how compatible saltwater is with the different pool types:

Saltwater with concrete pools

An unbalanced saltwater pool can become abrasive, and over time it may compromise the integrity of the cement interior and resurfacing may be needed however, if you are ensuring your pool is balanced and isn’t overdosed, you should be able to avoid this scenario from occurring.

Saltwater with vinyl liner pools

Saltwater can be used for a vinyl liner pool but it’s important to know that vinyl liner pools are enforced with steel walls, and while this normally wouldn’t be a problem, it can be if the vinyl liner happens to rip or get a small hole in it. The saltwater can cause erosion to these structural components.

Saltwater with fibreglass pools

The technology used to manufacture our fibreglass swimming pools here at Factory Pools Perth is second to none. They are exceptionally resilient and designed to tolerate the toughest of conditions, so saltwater is a breeze! Saltwater has no detrimental

effects on the interior of a fibreglass pool, they are designed to withstand saltwater long-term with no implications.

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Which is more expensive? Saltwater or chlorine?

Understandably you want to be across the costs associated with running both so you can make the best financial decision for you. There isn’t a drastic difference between the two. The upfront cost for a saltwater chlorine generator is usually more than a traditional chlorine system, but the price of salt is typically less, so you can save yourself some money there. To give you an idea, salt is around $20 a year and chlorine is approximately $150. When you think of this cost spread out over the lifetime of your pool, the cost of chlorine can add up.

A breakdown of the pros and cons of saltwater sanitisation


  • Saltwater doesn’t have a negative effect on the body, eyes and skin whereas chlorine can.

  • Salt isn’t hazardous and is safe to store and handle, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a dangerous product.

  • Saltwater can produce more luxurious feeling water compared to traditional chlorine.

  • Saltwater systems are more affordable to run than chlorine.

  • The level of chlorine in the water is less, making it safer and more comfortable to swim in.

  • Saltwater doesn’t trigger respiratory conditions, unlike chlorine which is known to. Saltwater can actually have the opposite effect and alleviate these conditions.

  • As a saltwater chlorinator autonomously doses the pool, you don’t have to worry about accidentally adding too much product to the water.


  • Balancing a saltwater pool can be more tedious therefore checking the chemistry levels often is recommended. If this is not something you want to have to do, you can hire a professional pool cleaner to look after it for you. Not correctly balancing your chemistry levels properly may result in mineral deposits building up in the salt cell which can interfere with normal function.

  • Saltwater cannot damage our fibreglass pools however, it can damage surrounding components that are vulnerable to salt. Certain natural stones and items with metal are some of them. You’ll need to be mindful of this when choosing saltwater.

  • Erosion can occur to the pool equipment if not maintained properly.

  • The pump usually needs to run for longer for a saltwater pool than for a chlorine pool.

  • The initial installation and equipment costs are usually more than a chlorine system. If you have a tight budget, a saltwater system may not be suitable for you.

Deciding whether saltwater or chlorine is a better choice comes down to you and your specific preferences. Each is an equally good sanitising option and both will deliver superior water quality when balanced correctly.

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Are you team saltwater or chlorine?

To recap, saltwater chlorinators are usually more expensive to buy but once you’ve covered the upfront cost, the ongoing costs are less than a traditional chlorine pool. Many choose salt simply because it’s much gentler on the body, and you don’t run the risk of green hair or bleached out swimming costumes.

Choosing the right one doesn’t have to be challenging! If you are still unsure of which option you should choose, feel free to contact our friendly team here at Factory Pools Perth! They’ll be able to offer helpful advice on the different sanitation options. Alternatively, if you’re looking to install a new fibreglass swimming pool, we can help with that too! We create designer pools and spas for every backyard. Check them out today!