Can Fibreglass Pools Have Heating?

When the cooler weather approaches, swimming may be the last thing on your mind. However, installing a heating system allows you to enjoy your pool throughout the year. A common question we get asked here at Factory Pools Perth is, “Can fibreglass pools have heating?”. The answer is, yes! There are a few different heating options available and each one comes with their own set of pros and cons. Here’s everything you need to know about heating for your fibreglass pool.


Is it worth putting a heating system in for my pool?

You don’t have to reside in a cooler part of Australia to consider heating for your pool and here’s why:
Even if you live in one of the warmer regions of the country, you can benefit from having a heating system. On a hot summer’s day your pool may reach 30 degrees however, when winter hits it can drop by more than 10 degrees which for some, is not warm enough to swim in comfortably. Those who are located in cooler areas of the country can expect their pool to reach around 16 to 22 degrees in the middle of summer.

If you use your pool for swimming laps or exercising, the water may be more tolerable in the cooler seasons as you are constantly moving when swimming. If you want to spend time relaxing in your pool, you might see yourself using it minimally during this time of year as it is too cold to sit in. The water will need to be heated to be able to relax properly. Spas are generally heated to  29 degrees which is a comfortable temperature for many. Installing a heating system for your pool is a sound investment if you want to enjoy your pool year-round, not just for the warmer months of the year.

If your pool is positioned in the sun you may think that the sunlight will warm your pool sufficiently. Whilst it will warm your pool by about 4 degrees more than normal, it usually only heats the top part of your pool water, underneath this is around 3 degrees cooler. The benefit of having a heating system for your pool, regardless of the climate where you live, is it allows you to use it often. An advantage to owning a fibreglass pool is that they naturally insulate heat, retain it for longer and heat up faster than concrete pools. Once you have made the decision to put a heating system in for your pool, its just a matter of deciding which one.

What type of heating system can I have for my fibreglass pool?

The 3 main types of pool heating options on the market include:

Solar Heating

Pool solar heating is a popular choice as it is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly option. It uses energy from the sun to warm your pool which will save a substantial amount of money on electricity in comparison to the other options available.
So how does solar heating work? A solar power heating system is run by a solar pump which only consumes a small amount of energy, around 1kW per hour. Cold water is pushed through a number of solar absorber capillary tubes that are located on your hot roof. The cold water is heated via this process and then sent back to your pool. This mechanism works to maintain an even temperature throughout your pool. A solar heating system can increase the pool water temperature by 2 degrees and even more so on a hot day. It does not work as well on overcast days when there is little sun or at night time.

Electric Heating

Like solar, electric heat pumps are a popular choice as they are a cost-effective heating solution. They work by reusing energy. The do this by collecting heat from the air, it is then sent to your pool water via a heat exchanger. Electric heating can be more efficient than a solar heating system as it is not entirely reliant on the sun for power. It can still collect heat from the air at night and on overcast days. They also take less time to warm up the pool water than solar. However, they consume far more energy than a solar system which makes them more expensive and not as environmentally friendly. Electric systems do not heat the water as well as solar does, but they work more effectively throughout the seasons of the year.

Gas Heating

Gas heating is the most expensive pool heating option although it is also a highly effective heating solution as it doesn’t rely on heat from the air or the sun to work. Gas is often used to heat spas as they are able to maintain a consistent temperature regardless of the weather. Gas heats the water up fast which is great when you want to use your spa or pool quickly. Some negatives are they can be costly to run and they are not very environmentally friendly. People typically have a gas heating system to use as a back up when their solar heating isn’t getting enough sunlight to warm the pool water.

Deciding which heating system is best for you

Here are some things you should consider when deciding which pool heating system is best for you:

How much do you want to use your pool?

If you want the freedom of being able to use your pool whenever you like, you could benefit from having a heating system. If your happy to only use your pool when the weather is warm, it might not be worth spending money on.

Who will be using your pool?

The elderly and infants aren’t as tolerant to cold water as others. They tend to be less active when in the water and are not as likely to be swimming intensely to keep warm.

Do you want to use your pool for therapy and relaxation purposes?

Heating is great for those who want to use their pool for therapy purposes. Warm water can alleviate pain and can help with movement by reducing the strain on the joints and muscles.

The size of your pool

An additional thing to factor in is the size of your pool. The larger your pool is the more effective your heating system will need to be to warm your pool to an enjoyable temperature. If you would like a heating system for your pool, you should have a chat with your licenced pool builder when planning your pool installation. They can offer helpful opinions on which type of heating would work best for your pool type and the area you live in.

Enjoy your pool year-round, not just when the weather is warm enough to do so

Each heating system has their pros and cons and choosing one for your home comes down to your lifestyle requirements and budget. If you are still not sure on which heating system is best for you, or if you have any questions about the suitability of heating for your pool, give our friendly team here at Factory Pools Perth a call, we are more than happy to assist.