Can You Have A Swimming Pool In A Small Back Yard?

Swimming Pools For Small Backyards

The Australian dream of a house on a quarter acre plot may be out of reach of many, as land prices increase and developers squeeze more properties than ever into desirable areas.

But one dream still within reach is a backyard pool – and a small yard needn’t be an obstacle.

A Fantastic Feature

Investing in a pool will repay you right away, with your home becoming a peaceful and relaxing refuge for even the hottest summer days. A small garden can actually lend itself to a swimming pool, and make a real feature of a size or awkward shape that wouldn’t be good for much otherwise.
With a pool in place, your small yard will become a great asset, encouraging regular exercise and family fun without the cost and bother of a day out.

Forget the traditional rectangular or kidney shaped pool. Curvy pools tend to lose water space. Modern fibreglass pools are incredibly flexible in shape and size, a well-designed one can make your garden look bigger. With some smart landscaping and decking, your small yard can be turned into a fun-filled waterpark for all ages. If there’s not much room for a patio as well, you can build in seating and lounging features into the pool itself, even a swim-up bar which has to be the ultimate in decadence.

Exercise At Home

What would you like to do with your pool? If it’s just to cool off and relax, then perhaps a swim spa with water jets would fit the bill. If you want to swim laps and improve your fitness, think about a long lap pool. They are extremely popular and just one lane wide, it will mean you don’t ever have to worry about parking at the leisure centre again.

One welcome benefit of smaller pools is that heating costs are less, making them more affordable to use year-round, so you can make the most of your dream pool whenever you like, come winter or summer.

No Hassle To Install

Most small fibreglass pools will fit around the side of your house, but there’s always the option to crane the pool over the house if this is tricky to do. Believe it or not, craning the pool into the backyard is usually quite a simple operation.

Remember if a pool works for you and your family and looks good, then size doesn’t really matter. Children aren’t fussy about the size of a pool and are happy in any amount of water.

Shop Local

Whatever your requirements, speak to us as Factory Pools Perth. We provide quality, affordable fibreglass swimming pools. What’s more all pools come with a lifetime structural guarantee and are made locally in WA, and are on display in showrooms.

Fibreglass pools are not only flexible, but they are also great value for money and easy to fit in your restricted space. Don’t sweat away another summer wishing you’d taken the plunge – get in touch now to find out how a pool can transform your life.