Can You Use a Swimming Pool All Year Round?

Australia is a hot and dry country and world-renowned for its year-round mild climate, especially in Perth. While autumn and winter brings changing weather with cooler nights, wind and rain, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your swimming pool days. Leaving a pool open in Western Australia over the winter months is more common than you think. You can use your pool out of season, but it will call for a little more work to keep it in prime condition. If you want to use your pool 365 days a year, here’s some points to consider.


Heating Your Pool

A pool which is cold is uninviting. Make sure it’s heated throughout the cooler months. While it may lead to higher energy bills, you can use it as and when you want. A good swimming pool cover can increase water temperatures by up to seven degrees even in winter sunlight. It’s an environmentally friendly way to heat your pool, just make sure that the cover can be easily rolled on and off to speed up the process of enjoyment.

Minimal Chemicals

Your pool maintenance will change because of reduced heat and sunlight. Cooler temperatures slow down algae growth, which reduces the need for chemicals. Remove any falling leaves or sticks which settle in your pool as organic debris will create problems. Pick them up using a manual skimmer or vacuum them up with your pool cleaner. If you fail to remove them, they’ll settle on the bottom and cause phosphates to rise.

Keep-Up Essential Maintenance

The water will need to be balanced every week and your PH and chlorine levels kept in check. There are only minor fluctuations in the winter because of less heat and sunlight. Occasionally you may have to replenish the water levels. On a hot day during winter, water can evaporate by up to four centimetres resulting in reduced chlorine levels.


Check Your Filter

Check the filter regularly as it could get more clogged up than normal with falling twigs and leaves. Continue to do your backwashes and remove any deposits which settle in the filter – such as oil or grease as this may reduce its efficiency.

Let Your Pump Run

While pool pumps should ideally run up to twelve hours during summer peak periods, that can be reduced to six hours in the winter. Keeping the pump going will ensure the chemicals are circulated in the water. The more the water is moved around, the harder it is for bacteria and algae to develop.
Only you can decide whether to keep your pool open every day. While it’s very much your own personal decision, here at Factory Pools Perth we can help you with any of your pool requirements. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new pool, winter is the best time to do your research and preparation. We construct quality pools in WA at affordable prices which are all made locally. Why not come and look at what’s on offer at one of our three showrooms today.