Does A Swimming Pool Add Value To Your Home?

Does A Swimming Pool Increase The Value Of Your Home?

One of the most common questions about pool ownership is whether or not it adds value to your home. Owning a pool comes with upkeep and maintenance, and when the time comes to sell, it would be reassuring to know that it’s been a good investment.

Historically more property buyers tend to purchase homes with swimming pools during the hotter months as they’re more appealing at this time of the year. At Factory Pools Perth, we’ve been looking at the benefits of owning a pool and whether it would enhance the sale of your house.

Oceanside Living

Across Australia, swimming pools are popular along coastal suburbs. We have more swimming pools per capita per population than anywhere else in the world.

Approximately 18% of families in Perth have a pool – that’s the highest percentage of pool owners for all Australian cities.

As a nation which loves water, many people are keen to own a house with one installed. Oceanside living is a big pull for prospective buyers, with people willing to pay more for homes with swimming pools.

Research from Roy Morgan shows that if you have slightly older children and live in a warmer climate, then the more likely it is that you’ll own a pool.

If you have a family-size house, then the chances are that if you were to sell your home, the pool would be an attractive asset to families with children aged eight and over.


A swimming pool is also a lifestyle statement and can be the ideal backdrop for a garden party or family barbecue. With carefully selected plants, lighting and a patio, it can look visually stunning and is bound to attract admiring glances from neighbours and visitors.

The outdoor areas surrounding your property are just as important as the house itself and a swimming pool can become a focal point for family gatherings. A swimming pool lets you have a resort-like experience at your home all year round – no more trips to Bali as it is on your doorstep!

Houses with pools tend to appeal to those who are looking in the mid or high-end price range; you won’t find many pools included with starter homes.

Owning a property is all about lifestyle and in today’s modern society a pool offers a family relaxation, enjoyment and luxury.

Installing one will usually add value, but the key is to do your research. Primarily deciding on a pool, is your choice and should be for your own family’s enjoyment. So, choose one that will give your children hours of fun or be a showpiece for entertainment.

If you’d like a swimming pool then come and talk to us. Factory Pools Perth has a range of affordable, fibreglass pools for your budget which are all covered by a lifetime structural warranty. They’re made in Western Australia, and our services can include installation and landscaping, so pay a visit to one of our showrooms today and look at our huge selection of fibreglass pools.