Fibreglass Pool Installation - The Most Common Questions Answered

If you are planning to install a pool at your home, you may be considering the myriad options available to you. In Australia, the pool that is favoured by most home owners, is the fibreglass pool.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the key questions that you may have about fibreglass pools.


What Is Fibreglass?

Fibreglass is a type of plastic that is reinforced using glass fibres and tough resin. This makes fibreglass a very hardy material that is used across the world for multiple industrial processes.

Can A Pool Be Made From Fibreglass Material

Yes, fibreglass pools are one of the most purchased pools around the world. Swimming pools made from fibreglass are highly-durable, light weight and require low maintenance.

Is A Fibreglass Pool Better Than Cement And Vinyl Liner Pools?

Although cement and vinyl pools have their advantages, fibreglass pools are comparatively better across the board. Here’s why:


How Much Does A Fibreglass Pool Cost?

Overall, depending on the size and type of fibreglass pool (in-ground, partially-above-ground & above-ground) you install, the overall installation cost for fibreglass pools can be $7000-$50,000. This is less-expensive than other types of pools.

How Is A Fibreglass Pool Manufactured?

Fibreglass pools are customized to your exact specifications and design needs. The fibreglass plastic is poured into a customized mould and heated to be set into the desired shape.

What Shapes And Dimensions Can I Get The Fibreglass Pool In?

Fibreglass pools are available in multiple shapes, from the classic oval or rectangle to kidney to complete freeform. You can get fibreglass pools from sizes 10ftx20ft to 20ftx40ft. The sky is the limit.

Can I Install The Fibreglass Pool Myself?

While you can do a DIY fibreglass pool installation project, it’s important to remember how time consuming and tricky it can get if you do it wrong.

If you’re not an expert, you may make mistakes when excavating and placing the pool. Fixing these errors can take days and will increase your expenses by thousands of dollars.

What You Need To Look For When
I'm Selecting A Reputable
Fibreglass Pool Installer

Check the installer’s:

  • Professional history in fibreglass pool installation.
  • Online reviews by old customers.
  • Number of services offered (i.e., from excavation to accessories vs only fibreglass pool installation).
  • Their fibreglass manufacturing partner.
  • Installation practices and technology used.
  • Cost of services.
  • Repair services offered.
  • Transparency during communication.
  • Our experts at The Fibreglass Pool Company have over 30 years’ experience installing fibreglass pools. Reach out to us for more information.

How Is A Fibreglass Pool Installed At Our Home?

The fibreglass pool comes pre-fabricated to your home. If it’s an above-ground pool, it is securely placed on your chosen spot. If it’s a below-ground or partially-above-ground pool, we will help you with excavation and site preparation too.

How Long Does Installation Take

Depending on the size of your pool, it can take about 3-10 days to install your fibreglass pool.

What About The Plumbing, Electricals And Accessory Installation For The Pool? Do I Need To Call Someone Else?

No, you don’t. Our team at The Fibreglass Pool Company offer full-service fibreglass pool installation. We also take care of plumbing, electricals and accessories when we install your pool.

There Isn't Sufficient Space In My Backyard. Can You Still Install The Fibreglass Pool In Such A Small Space?

Our team has fitted all types of Australian households with fibreglass pools. We’ll visit your home and advise you about the most-ideal pool dimensions for your home.


My House Has A Sloping Lawn. Will This Pose A Problem During Pool Installation?

No, it won’t. We can easily level the land as needed, depending on the type of fibreglass pool you want.

How Soon Can I Use My Pool After Installation?

You can start using your fibreglass pool about 2-3 days after installation.

What Type Of Water Can I Use In My Fibreglass Pool?

The great thing about fibreglass material is that it is non-porous, which means it doesn’t absorb any minerals in your water (and therefore become susceptible to damage). You can use both fresh water and salt water in your fibreglass pool.

Can My Fibreglass Pool Be Heated

Yes, it can. Fibreglass material can handle temperatures between -28°C and 537°C. You can heat the pool without worries about fibreglass disintegrating in the heat.

Do Fibreglass Pools Get Severe Algae Infestation

No, they don’t. Fibreglass pools come with a unique gel/resin coating that prevent the creation of conditions which algae need to survive. So, in most cases, you won’t get an algae infestation.

How Should I Clean And Maintain My New Fibreglass Pool?

Fibreglass pools require very little cleaning because they aren’t porous and are non-reactive. You only need to gently wash the pool with non-abrasive cleaning agents and fresh water. You can also vacuum the pool.

Our team can advise you about the amount of chlorine you need to use to purify your water, the type of filtration system you need to have and whether you need clarifiers or flocculants to get rid of debris.

Can I Completely Drain My Fibreglass Pool During Cleaning?

No, you shouldn’t. Fibreglass pools walls might collapse under the sudden force of water gushing out of the pool. Instead, remove the water partially and clean the calcium and salt deposits on the walls.

Can The Fibreglass Pool Be Moved To A Different Location After Installation?

Usually, home owners don’t need their fibreglass pools shifted to another place after installation. Our experts will evaluate your soil conditions to identify the best spot for your new fibreglass pool.

The fibreglass shell we use is extremely durable and capable of remaining sturdy in shifting soils as well. This makes your pool very safe, irrespective of where its installed.


Will The Fibreglass Pool Stain, Crack Or Discolour?

Fibreglass is a very robust and strong material that can withstand temperature changes, high pressure/force from water and extensive usage. It comes with a special gel coating that protects the pool’s surfaces from damage. Your pool will remain in excellent condition – free from discolouration, stains and cracks – for years to come.

Will The FIbreglass Pool Pop Out Of The Ground After Installation

Properly and carefully installed fibreglass pools will never pop out of the ground.

Our experts at The Fibreglass Pool Company have over 30 years’ experience installation fibreglass pools in all types of soils and backyards. Our expertise and our state-of-the-art installation practices and technology ensure your fibreglass pool never pops out.

Are Fibreglass Pools Safe For Children And The Elderly

Yes, they are. Fibreglass material is non-abrasive and smooth to touch. This means there will be no rough or sharp edges that can hurt your children or elderly parents.


How Long Will My New Fibreglass Pool Last

Compared to cement and vinyl liners, fibreglass has a much longer life and can last up to 25-30 years long!

Will I Receive Warranty With My New Fibreglass Pool?

At The Fibreglass Pool Company, we offer extensive lifetime and structural warrantiesContact us for more information.

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