Fibreglass Pool Installation - The Most Common Questions Answered

If you have decided to put a fibreglass pool in, you might be interested to know the logistics that are involved with installing it. As fibreglass pools are delivered to site they are relatively easy to install. Throughout the article we will answer the most common questions we get asked here at Factory Pools Perth regarding installation.


How is a fibreglass pool installed?

This is a good question and one we get asked often. Listed below is the process involved when installing a fibreglass pool:

Onsite quote

The first thing that takes place when purchasing a pool is getting a quote. Your pool builder will come to your home at a time that suits to evaluate the condition of your site, access to the yard and your pool requirements.

Design phase

The pool builder will sit down with you to discuss your pool design ideas. Lots of decisions need to be made here, some of them include:

• The shape

• Size

• Colour

• Design

• Additional extras

• Fencing

• Pool scaping

They will guide you throughout the entire pool building process and this includes designing your pool. You may have an idea of what you want already and if not, the pool builder will be able to offer helpful advice about which style and type of pool is best suited to your home and swimming needs. They will explain in detail each pool option and the additional features you can add to your pool if you choose. Once you have chosen everything you want for your pool you will be given your quote and an installation date will be booked in.

Council Permits

Your pool builder will then organise all the necessary paperwork required for installing your swimming pool and will lodge it on your behalf. They will receive approvals back for each mandatory council permit and will be all ready to go when installation day arrives.


The day has come and it is now time to start the process of installing your new pool. Firstly, a template is laid where you pool will be positioned to replicate the shape of the pool. The measurements are squared up and checked, when everything is exactly where it needs to be, they will start digging up the ground. This area will be excavated to the exact depth and size as well as the areas where your pool fencing and landscaping will go. Base material is placed into the hole and is screeded for the pool to be placed on it. It is crucial that the base of the hole is precisely level to ensure that the pool is laid on a solid foundation. This will prevent it from shifting over time.

The crane is set up to lift your pool into the place. In most cases the pool is lifted over the house, into the backyard and then into position by the crane. The pool is measured to ensure it is level before the crane leaves. Once finished the equipment and materials that are not needed anymore are removed from your backyard. All of the pools filters, lights and pipework get connected and then backfilling of the water is started.

The ground around the pool is compacted via a process called pencil compaction. Concrete slabs are laid and prepared to place your tiles/pavers on. Your outdoor flooring is placed and your pools water is balanced. Your pool fencing and pool scaping will also be done followed by a thorough quality check. Each facet of your new pool is checked before handover is complete. Once this is completed, your pool is all yours to enjoy!


Can I still have a pool if my backyard is small?

Backyards are getting smaller and the over the years the pool industry has noticed the demand for smaller pools and caters to this. Many offer a generous selection of compact pools that are small enough fit in a courtyard.

Can I do the installation myself?

When safety is involved it is never a good idea to cut corners. By getting your pool installed by a professional you can have piece of mind knowing that you pool is safe not only today but for many years to come. Many reputable companies include generous warranties with their pools and the installation so you are covered if anything unforeseen was to occur.

What if I have limited access?

For an experienced pool builder, limited access is not a problem. They will have an adequate solution to getting your pool safely into your backyard. It may just take longer and more equipment to get it in.

How long will it take to install?

The great thing about fibreglass pools is they are quick to install. All going well, a fibreglass pool can be installed a week. Unforeseen factors can affect this time though, such as weather, council permits and the time of year your pool is installed.

Can my pool be installed above or partially above ground?

In short, yes. A good quality fibreglass pool can be installed in ground, above ground or partially above ground. Sometimes backyards are better suited to an above ground or partially above ground installation. Your pool builder can advise you of your options when they come to complete the onsite quote.


What if my backyard is sloping or has very little flat ground?

A pool builder with many years’ experience will have extensive knowledge on how to install pools on virtually any site. Fibreglass pools can be installed on various soil conditions, sloping blocks and to meet up with existing decking.

How secure is a fibreglass pool once it is installed?

If your pool is professionally installed it will be extremely secure once in place and the likelihood of it shifting over its lifespan is extremely rare. A reputable pool company will back their work with a generous warranty.

Will I need to organise my pool fencing or contractors to do plumbing, electrical etc?

In most cases, no. Installing a pool should be stress free and this is something your pool builder should do for you. Many companies complete the entire pool build themselves, including electrical, plumbing, and fencing. This is a much more convenient option for customers as they do not have to worry about delegating jobs to different contractors or ensuring they are there at the right time. It is important to find a pool company that will look after all of the necessary paperwork and building aspects involved with installing your pool to save you the hassle of having to do it yourself, for some this can be highly stressful. Here at Factory Pools Perth we take care of everything for you so you can sit back and relax whilst your pool is being built. Customer satisfaction is our uttermost priority and we endeavour to produce a stunning fibreglass pool for each of our clients.

We hope this article has provided you with an understanding of what is involved when installing a pool and answered any questions you may have had about a fibreglass pool build. If you require additional information or if you have any questions, give our experienced team a call, we are more than happy to help if we can.

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