Fibreglass Pools: The Advantages

Advantages of a fibreglass swimming pool:

Fibreglass Pools Perth has firmly established themselves as a major player in the industry, and it’s easy to see why – installing them is quick, maintenance is minimal and fibreglass is a durable finish that will easily stand the test of time.

Smooth And Non-Abrasive:

One of the most notable benefits of a fibreglass swimming pool is their smooth, non-abrasive surface. You won’t have to worry about sharp edges or scratched up fingers and toes, as fibreglass pools are safe for the whole family.

Quick And Simple Installation:

As the specialists in fibreglass swimming pools in WA, Factory Pools Perth guarantees a quick installation period of as little as seven days, which is incredibly fast when you consider most concrete and pebble pools take up to three months to design and build. This quick turnaround times means you’ll be enjoying your pool much faster than if you opted for a custom-made style.

Easy Maintenance:

Thanks to their smooth, low porous surface, fibreglass pools not only look good, but they’re also easy to maintain! The sleek finish of the pool shell makes it difficult for bacteria and algae to stick to the walls, so the main thing you’ll have to keep clean is your pool’s surround, as the shell practically takes care of itself.

Durable And Flexible:

All of Factory Pools Perth’s pools exceed the Australian standards for thickness. This means your fibreglass pool will be extremely strong, yet flexible, so it can handle natural earth movements without cracking. A fibreglass shell won’t leak and has a lifespan of more than 25 years.


Plenty Of Colour And Design Choices:

Fibreglass shells are available in a range of designs, sizes, and colours, and are made to suit a range of budgets. The pool shell will also be covered in a non-porous gelcoat during the manufacturing process. These are available in a range of colours that will give your pool a smooth and glossy surface. Under normal conditions, the gelcoat is stain and fade resistant, so re-painting isn’t necessary.

Chemically Neutral:

If you’re not much of a chemist, you’ll be pleased to know that a fibreglass pool requires less chemicals to balance the water than other types, which means the water will be kept clean and healthy so you can spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing.


Fibreglass swimming pools are notably cheaper when compared to other types of swimming pools, including, concrete, and because they can be installed in a fraction of the time, you’ll also save money on labour. There are also no unexpected costs with a fibreglass shell as the price of your pool will be determined upfront.

Longer Warranties:

Finally, fibreglass swimming pools come with longer warranties. Every pool supplied by Factory Pools Perth comes complete with a lifetime structural warranty, and a gelcoat colour (internal) warranty that meets Australian standards and the Swimming Pool and Spa Association’s (SPASA) member guidelines.

Factory Pools Perth was established to provide quality fibreglass pools to the WA market at an affordable price. If you’re thinking about installing a pool in your Perth backyard, be sure to contact the team at Factory Pools Perth today.

Author: Don Del Borello

Author: Don Del Borello

Position: Sales and Brand Manager for Factory Pools Perth

Experience: 39 Years In The Swimming Pool Industry

Don Del Borrello is the Sales and Brand Manager of Factory Pools Perth.  Don possesses 39 years in the pool industry, commencing his career at 15 years of age.

Don was born into the pool industry with his Father and family owning one of the most successful companies in Western Australia.

His extensive knowledge spans across every facet of the industry including manufacturing with being hands on to making pools to production manager, installation from installing pools, driving a bobcat to installations manager to General manager and owner.

His wealth of experience is an asset to Factory Pools Perth as he maintains a meticulous standard, taking the necessary steps to ensure promising results with him and his staff.