Get Your Pool Summer Ready

Is Your Pool Ready For The Summer Season

We’re finally getting to the best part of the year for Perth households, summer! The weather is warming up and it’s time to put the jumpers away and grab your t-shirts from the back of the cupboard. It’s also time to make sure your pool is ready for the hot season; both to ensure it stays happy and functional, and to ensure that when you or your family are ready to jump in – everything is looking great!

So, What Do You Need To Address Before You Dive In?

The Necessary Stuff:

Water testing: No matter what type of pool you have, it’s important to test the chemicals and/or salt levels to ensure that they’re at a safe level. It’s easy to neglect your pool during the cooler months, or to assume that it will be fine if you don’t regularly check it – but this can lead to unsafe chemical or salt levels. If you aren’t sure how to test your pool or want a professional opinion, get the experts in!

Professional clean: Pools are fantastic, but they are also prone to getting a little mucky after a few months of irregular or no use. It’s a great idea to get your pool professionally cleaned a few times a year by a Perth pool company like Factory Pools Perth, to ensure every little corner is looked after.

Safety check: Once the inside of the pool is in check, it’s vital that you carefully check the exterior. Is your fencing sturdy and is the gate secure? If you have small children at home or visiting, will the area be safe for them? Back to the pool; is the pump and all the fittings in check with no loose bits? This is another instance where getting the professionals to help you with a safety check can be a great idea.

The Fun Stuff:

Toys and floaties: Pick up some new pool toys and games for the kids, and make sure you have enough floaties to go around! If your kids or the household are a little older, grab a volleyball net, a floating esky and a few blow-up chairs to relax in the sun.


Update your furniture: Deck chairs looking a little old? Pick up some new ones or give your current ones a makeover with some new cushions! Make sure your outdoor furniture is back on the patio and out of the garage, ready for those lovely arvos in the sun.


Plan a pool party!: There’s only one thing left to do – plan a pool party! Invite the rellies or some friends around, fire up the barbeque, and make sure you have extra towels!


Factory Pools Perth can help you make sure that your pool is in tip-top shape before summer truly arrives. Our experienced team can assist with testing, professional cleaning, safety checks, and any repairs or advice that you might need. Get in touch today to book an appointment or chat to a friendly team member.