Here Are 10 Of The Best Light For Your Home Pool

Swimming pools today can have many additional features, and one of the more popular ones is lighting. As pool lighting technology has advanced over the years, the number of options available has grown significantly. So, which one is the best? Here we'll share 10 of the best pool lights to help you decide.

We’ve broken it down into two categories, permanent fixtures and non-permanent. Let’s take a look at both:

Great choices for permanent fixtures

Britestream LED lights

LED lighting is a sought-after choice due to its crisp light and energy-saving benefits. A favourite of ours is Britestream multi-coloured LED lights. They offer 9 lustrous colours, and they can be interchanged without having to swap the lenses over. The colour is bright and vibrant yet consumes the smallest amount of energy – around 15 watts. This is a technologically advanced pool lighting solution that is highly resistant to the elements, and it is entirely waterproof. BriteStream LED lights offer superior performance and can last for more than 70,000 hours before they need replacing. This lighting is suitable for existing fixtures and comes in different versions to suit different pool types. Lighting fixtures that are integrated into the side of the pool should be installed by a professional, but you should be able to change over the globes yourself relatively easily.

Happox colour-changing LED

Happox colour-changing globes are suitable for permanent lighting fixtures and are one of the most superior lighting options due to the features they offer. The remote included provides a range of features including, altering the intensity of the colour. The colours are vibrant and can light a large pool efficiently.

The Spa Electrics LED GKRX Multi-Colour

Spa Electrics is a long-standing Australian brand that produces pool lighting that is second to none. The GKRX Multi Colour LED is a superior choice that suits virtually all applications. The colours are interchangeable, and it produces market-leading light distribution. They come with an extensive warranty for peace of mind.

Pentair Magicstream Laminars Deck Water Jets

If you’re looking for lighting that has the wow factor and enhances the overall fun of your pool, you can’t go past the Pentair Magicstream Laminar deck jets. This type of lighting is essentially two-in-one. It’s deck jets that are illuminated by LED lights. The arch-shaped streams of water are highlighted by a selection of iridescent colours. This type of lighting can be paired with automation, and you can control light shows using the wireless remote or from your chosen smartphone or device. This lighting should be used with another source if you want a lot of light, as it will only light up the water arches, not the entire pool.

Bonbo White LED lights

Bonbo white LED lights are energy-efficient and produce a nice light to brighten up the pool after dark. They are durable and resistant to vibrations and impact while having an extended lifespan. As the light is white, it will enhance the colour of your swimming pool rather than changing it. The Bondo white LED light has a lifespan of 60,000 hours and features built-in heat overload technology. They come with a 1-year guarantee.

Great non-permanent lighting solutions

Roleadro IP68 lights

If you don’t have permanent fixtures in your pool, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on flashy pool lighting. Roleadro’s inground pool lighting can be attached to the pool wall using a mounting bracket. It is made from stainless steel with a high-quality silica gel blue circle lamp section. They are corded and can be plugged into regular power outlets when using a power converter. This lighting works much like Britestream however, the installation is less. They provide multiple colour combinations that can be operated from the convenience of a remote controller. This lighting is a simple DIY project.

Glowtub lights

If you have a small pool or spa, it is likely you won’t need much lighting to make an effect. This is where the glow tub can step in and provide the ideal solution. Unlike some other pool lighting choices, glow tub lighting is extremely economical and super simple to install. It has a suction cup attached to it which allows you to move it or take it out altogether. You can choose from 16 different colours, and they can be controlled with a splash proof remote. Other cool features include a strobe, fade, and automatic colour change setting. If your pool has a rough surface such as aggregate, it may not stick. This type of lighting is great for those who only want to light their spa up occasionally.

LED floating ball lights

This type of pool lighting is more of an accessory but, they do light up the water, and they can set the tone for fun. LED floating ball lights are slightly larger than a cricket ball and omit a captivating glow. They normally come in a multipack with a remote control and can last for up to 30 hours.

LED Flood Lighting

While not for the pool itself, floodlighting can be used around it to light the surroundings, landscaping and pool. Again, choosing a LED variety is more energy conscious, and it provides you with a long-lasting and high-quality light. The great thing about floodlighting is it can light up a large area, so you don’t have to buy a tonne of them to create the desired effect. Start with one and see how much light it produces before installing more. They can be bought from a local hardware store, and there are options to suit every budget. You’ll need to hire an electrician to install these for you.

Solar moon lights

Solar moon lights add a touch of outer space to your pool. They are a round 40cm floating pool light that has a moon print covering the surface. Powered by solar, your running costs are zero. They operate via a battery, and after being out in the sun for the day, you can expect them to last around 12 hours. They are cable-free, come with a remote and have 16 colours to choose from. Good quality solar moon lights are sturdy and UV resistant.

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If you’re looking at installing or upgrading lights in your pool, it’s always a good idea to establish what you want out of lighting and the look you are trying to create. Solar and LED are front runners in terms of energy efficiency, and LED produces a crisp and bright light compared to older styles of pool lighting such as halogen. If you have halogen globes, we recommend updating them to LED as they use significantly less energy. In the long term, this can save you a considerable amount of money. Removable pool lights are economical, and it’s a great way to add light to your pool area especially if you’re hosting a party or event. For us though, permanent underwater light fixtures add a touch of luxury to a pool, and they can be used anytime without having to set them up, charge them or replace the batteries. If you like more information on lighting for your pool, contact our friendly team here at Factory Pools Perth. We are the fibreglass pool experts and are happy to offer friendly advice.