Here Are 4 Of the Most Beneficial Ways That You Can Save On Energy Costs with Your Pool!

For many, the idea of having a swimming pool in the backyard is a key component in the great Australian dream. Once installed, they last a long time if taken care of properly, while this is an added expense, there are some ways you can cut down on the amount of energy your pool consumes.

ONE. Get a good quality pool cover

Pool covers, aka pool blankets, are an extremely beneficial piece of equipment. They serve many purposes and when used regularly, they can cut down on your energy bills drastically here’s 5 benefits of a pool cover and Here’s how a pool cover can cut down costs: 

Reduce evaporation

Without a cover, the water in your pool evaporates faster. This is because the entire surface is exposed to air, heat, and sun. The quicker your water evaporates, the more you’ll have to top it up with fresh water and rebalance your chemical levels to compensate for the added water. Both things cost money. With a cover, you can reduce evaporation by a minimum of 70%.

Prevent heat loss

Your pool will warm up during the day from the sun, this heat is then lost as the temperature drops of a night. With a cover, this warmth is trapped underneath and retained for longer. If you have pool heating and don’t use a cover, this can send your heating bills skyrocketing. As the pool is heating, it is escaping from the pool. Without a cover, the temperature that has been gained from the heater during the day will then be lost overnight, so in the morning, when you turn your heating back on, it has to essentially start all over again. By using a cover while heating your pool, you can cut your heating costs in half.

Keeps your pool cleaner

Debris and dirt will fall straight into the pool without a cover. When your pool gets dirty, and the weather is warm, your pool is more likely to become unsanitary to swim in. If this happens, it usually means adding a high dose of chemicals and running your pool equipment for longer to rectify the problem. Having to run your equipment for longer than normal will most certainly result in a bigger energy bill. Here are 4 quick and easy ways to clean your pool!

Pool covers come in vast price points depending on the type you choose but, they are a worthwhile investment for the long-term cost-saving benefits they offer.

TWO. Switch to an energy-efficient pool pump

Of all your pool equipment, your pool pump consumes the most electricity by far, and when it comes to your overall energy bill, your pool pump can equate to approximately 30% of the total cost – that’s a lot! While you can’t go without one, you can convert to a more energy-efficient version. If you want to save some serious cash, installing an energy-efficient pool pump is a no-brainer. You can check the pumps energy rating label. On the label, you’ll find a number of stars, the more stars it has, the better energy efficiency the pool pump has. Most will also include their yearly energy usage, which is handy when determining which is the best choice. A good quality variable speed pool pump can save you 90% of your energy costs. When you work these out over the lifetime of your pool, the savings are massive. They pay for themselves in no time.

THREE. Use solar where you can

Solar works by converting energy from the sun into useable electricity, and over recent years its been widely used for homes. While this alone can help to cut down your pools energy consumption there are many other ways you can use solar for your pool to reduce your energy usage. Here are some of them:

Solar pool cover

Solar pool covers offer all the benefits that a regular cover does however, they capture heat from the sun and transfer it into the pool water. The cover then acts as a barrier and prevents the heat from escaping. How much they can warm your pool up depends on the type you choose, but you can expect them to warm the water by 8 to 12 degrees on a sunny day. The great thing about solar pool covers is they are affordable, and once you’ve purchased one, they cost absolutely nothing to heat your pool. Do you know the top solar pool covers of 2022?

Solar pool heating system

With a solar pool heating system, pool heating is no longer a high-cost luxury exclusive to those with deep pockets. Solar heating works by harnessing energy from the sun rather than depending on artificial sources to heat your pool. They use very little energy and work effectively when there is plenty of sunlight about. If you’re conscious about lowering your pool running expenses and you’d like heating, solar is the way to go.

Solar pool pump

There are two primary types of solar pool pumps, and they are:

Solar direct pumps – Their speed is dependant on how much sunlight there is.

Battery-based solar pool pump – They run via batteries that are charged by solar panels. Both can practically eliminate the energy costs associated with running your pool pump.

FOUR. Save your pool heating for winter

If you have a solar heating system, you can disregard this next tip. Other heating systems such as electric heat pumps and gas heating can consume a considerable amount of energy, and if you’re using it often, there’s a good chance that you’ll notice a big spike in your electricity bill. If you don’t have the means to implement some of the cost-saving strategies we’ve mentioned above, but you want to save money, you can do this by reserving your pool heating for the wintertime. If you can’t bear the thought of having no heating at all, you can reduce how much energy it uses by turning the temperature down and, covering it with a blanket when heating it up and when it’s not being used.

Ready to save some cash?

Being energy conscious is not only good for your bank account but, it’s better for the environment too. Understandably, most of the tips we’ve shared do have an associated cost attached to them, when you weigh up the long-term savings you can make, they are worth the initial outlay.

If you have any questions about this topic, just ask our friendly team here at Factory Pools Perth, we fit and install captivating fibreglass pools and spas across the region and would love to be of assistance if we can.