Here Are The Top Solar Pool Covers for 2021!

As a long-term fibreglass pool owner, you might have already heard of solar pool covers and the benefits they offer. But if not, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know, including the best solar pool covers for 2021.

What are solar pool covers?

Solar pool covers, as the name suggests, are ‘covers’ for your pools. In the case of solar pool covers, they come with the added functionality of harnessing energy from the sun to heat your pool water. Solar pool covers not only maintain your pool’s heat but also help regulate the chemical balance of your pool water. 

In appearance, a solar pool cover looks like a giant bubble wrap. And to use, the bubble side is placed on the water, and the flat side is faced towards the sun. The sun heats the air in the bubbles and consequently heats the water. 

Let’s look at some of the best solar pool covers that you can go for in 2021.

Best solar pool covers

In the Swim Solar Blanket Cover

In terms of pure heating capabilities, the solar cover from In The Swim brand is our top pick. The In The Swim blanket cover is 16 mil thick with a dimension of 32 feet by 16 feet. The best part- the cover has many other size options to choose from – 13 to be exact. The clear exterior makes the In The Swim blanket cover easy on the eyes, while the aluminium base layer provides efficient heating. The thick polyethylene material helps with durability and reduces tearing. And with an 8-year warranty to round it all off, you know you have all your bases covered with this product.

Sun2Solar Solar Pool Cover

If you have an inground pool, the solar cover from the 1600 series of Sun2Solar is our best choice for you. The Sun2Solar solar pool cover is a premium product that is tailor-made for rectangular pools with 22 size dimensions to choose from. With the largest option being 50 feet by 25 feet, you know the pool cover has got versatility. The best part about the Sun2Solar series, in our view, is its heating efficiency. The bubbles per square feet and thick 16 mils material make the Sun2Solar cover a virtual beast when it comes to heating. The pool cover is available in 2 colour options. We recommend the ‘clear’ for best heat absorption, but you can also choose dark blue. The product comes with a three-year warranty.

Robelle Solar Pool Cover

The Robelle solar pool cover can raise your pool water temperature by an impressive 10 degrees. The product comes with an attractive diamond design with a blue exterior and grey underside. The aluminium underside helps with both heath gain and retention. Not to mention, the product is heavy-duty, durable and UV resistant, making it a great long term investment. The Robelle solar pool cover is made of 10-mil thick Space Age material and comes in 32 feet by 16 feet dimensions. A 10-year warranty rounds off all the perks of this brand.

Crystal Blue Solar Pool Cover

Our pick for the best pool cover for large pools is the premium solar pool cover from the brand Crystal blue. The diamond bubble design of this pool cover helps improve heat retention. And with a dimension of 40 feet by 20 feet, this heavy-duty pool cover works for the largest of pools. The product also comes in 36 feet by 18 feet and 32 feet by 16 feet dimensions, so you have options. The aluminium underside makes this pool extra efficient at heat gain and retention. And there is an eight-year warranty to round off all the pros.

Intex Solar Pool Cover

The ever-popular Intex Solar Pool cover has a solid reputation for durability amongst solar pool covers in the market and with good reason. The PVC plastic construction of the Intex Solar Pool Cover makes it a long-lasting option that is also lightweight. The Intex Solar pool cover is a great choice for larger pools and is designed for ease of use. The Intex Pool cover also gets our thumbs up for efficiency and the best heat retention. In fact, the product advertises up to 95% reduction in evaporation. And another great feature, there are drainage holes on the cover, which reduce mildew and mould formation. The product comes with a handy carry bag to help with portability. And you can tell the brand takes design and efficiency seriously.

Blue Wave Solar Blanket

The NS115 8-mil solar blanket from Blue wave comes with a UV protected layer of polymer. This helps reduce damage from UV layers while still harnessing solar energy efficiently. The high-quality 8-mil construction can increase the temperature by up to 15 degrees. Not to mention, it also reduces evaporation by 95%, which helps maintain the chemical balance of the pool water. This product also gets top marks for excellent heat retention, overnight heating and long term durability.

Doheny's Solar Pool Cover

The Clear Tek pool cover from the Doheny’s brand is a good option for people with large rectangular pools. The pool cover comes in a dimension of 40 feet by 20 feet, making it a perfect choice for covering a large area. There are also two colour options – clear and blue. The best part of this pool cover is its stability and heavy size. What this means is that the pool cover will remain put even in windier climates. Another great perk is the easy to install cut design. The product is available in different size and thickness options – 5mils to 16 mils. And an eight-year warranty rounds off all the pros.

Final takeaway

Solar Pool covers are a smart, long term investment that can help reduce your energy bills significantly. Plus, they are also a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional pool heating methods where gas and electricity are used. With the time and money saved on pool cleaning, heating and maintaining chemical balance in your pool, pool heaters kind of become a no brainer choice. Try them out, and you’ll see for yourself.