Hide The Pool Equipment With These Cool Landscaping Ideas

When you have a fibreglass pool in your backyard, then you have a place you can have fun in, as well as relax. There are also many health benefits associated with owning a pool. There is a downside that you'll need to deal with, however - you'll often have to deal with bulky as well as unsightly equipment.

This equipment is responsible for ensuring that your water stays clean as well as warm throughout the year. When you hide your pool equipment with your pool landscape, then you don’t have to worry about them appearing unsightly anymore.

Knowing how to conceal your pool equipment can help you increase the curb appeal of your pool space as well.

Why Hide Pool Equipment?

There are millions of people in Australia who own swimming pools. Many of them need advice on how they can properly hide their pool equipment. The main reason why people want to hide their pool equipment is that they don't want their backyard to look like an aisle at a hardware store. That's why they want to hide their pipes, heaters as well as pumps.

What About Weather Elements Affecting Pool Equipment?

Pool equipment can be affected by weather elements, such as winds that are strong as well as heavy rains. Water especially can ruin pumps, which are costly. Even heaters as well as other machinery can be affected within a few hours. Should moisture enter your equipment, it can even create an electrocution hazard.

Strong winds that carry heavy debris can also affect your pool equipment. A tree branch that crashes into your pool pump could easily damage it so badly that you’ll need to replace it entirely. Another problem you may need to deal with is excessive heat.

Should you leave your pool equipment exposed during the summer months, the plastic, as well as the rubber components, can be damaged. Should the pump be exposed to direct sunlight, then this could cause its motor to overheat. As a result, the pump could break down.

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How Can You Hide Your Pool Equipment?

Hiding your pool equipment is just a part of maintaining your yard. You’ll be able to maintain your curb appeal and boost safety as well as convenience. To hide your pool equipment, you can use the following ideas:

1. Building A Shed To Cover The Pool Equipment

Should there be enough space in your yard, then having an extra shed can always be helpful. Of course, this would depend on how much space you’re actually willing to give up.

There are some materials you can choose to build your shed using. Some of them include:

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Vinyl: This is a durable option that also has the ability to resist damage from water. You can choose from a large variety of colours as well. You also won’t have to do any maintenance work on your shed.

Metal: If you want a look that’s more industrial, then metal may be the better option for you. Metal is usually largely recycled, making it environmentally friendly as well. You can also paint your metal shade in any colour that you like.

Wood: Of the options mentioned here wood gives the appearance of being the most expensive. You can integrate a wooden shade into any kind of pool landscape. However, a wooden shade requires more maintenance than either vinyl or metal sheds.

2. Installing Walls

You can also think about installing walls around your pool equipment, in order to hide it. Depending on where your pool equipment is located, you could just need two or three walls. A wall can both obstruct the view of the pool equipment as well as deflect the sound coming from it.

Think about what your maintenance preferences are when choosing which material to go with. A lot of homeowners opt for wood since it does a great job of deflecting noise from the pool equipment. However, wood can be more expensive than many other options that are available to you. Irrespective of what materials you choose, installing walls can definitely add an element of interest to your pool landscape while hiding your pool equipment.

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3. Underground Bunker

Another way you can hide your pool equipment without ruining your landscape is by placing your equipment underground. Maybe you’re about to get a new fibreglass pool installed, or you could already own one. Either way, you can still find a place underground for your pipes, heaters as well as pumps.

With an underground bunker, you can protect your pool equipment from weather elements as well. Even children and pets will have a harder time accessing your pool equipment. Servicing the area is also easy as the pool equipment is kept in a space that is enclosed.

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4. Adjusting Your Backyard Landscape

You can make use of rocks, flowers, bushes, as well as other yard elements to hide your pool equipment. Here are a few ways you can make this happen:

You can place stones that are decorative, around your pool equipment. For such purposes, you'll be able to find stones that are at least two to three feet high.

You can also consider planting ornamental grass. This kind of grass can grow to be taller than your pool equipment. To ensure safety, you can get a fence instead between your pool equipment and the grass. This way, you can separate them and you'll also be able to deflect the noise.

You can also plant shrubs, such as boxwood, as well as small trees. The way this works is similar to how ornamental grass works. However, you should ensure that you maintain sufficient distance between the pool equipment as well as the shrubs or trees for trimming as well as maintenance work.

These are just some ways that you could use your backyard landscape to hide your pool equipment. If you’re looking for a bit more on how to maintain your pool, see our checklist!


Many people feel that their pool equipment is unsightly and that it reduces their curb appeal. If you don’t want your pool equipment to be visible, then there are various ways you can hide it from visibility. Use the methods in this guide to hide your pool equipment from view and increase your curb appeal.