How A Swimming Pool And Outdoor Recreation Improves Your Life

Can A Swimming Pool Improve Your Life Style And Health?

There’s no denying that, as a society, we’re spending more and more time indoors. We often tell our children to turn off the TV and go play outside or go for a swim in the pool, but what about the adults? Spending some time in the fresh air is just as important for big kids, and there are many physical, mental, social and emotional benefits to getting your daily dose of Mother Nature and Vitamin D.

Social Benefits Of A Fibreglass Pool

Outdoor recreation and swimming not only helps to increase the amount of physical activity you’re doing, but it also offers the chance to socialise. Socialising is an important part to maintaining and improving communication skills, and the warm WA weather means that enjoying yourself and exercising easily go hand-in-hand when you have a fibreglass pool.

Build Strength & Improve Joint Function

Exercising in water means your body is constantly working against resistance, which means it is easy to build strength using just your swimming pool. Water is also low -impact which means it’s easy on your joints and there is less risk of injury. Even if you are pregnant, injured or experiencing chronic joint pain, you can still continue to exercise and work on your fitness in your swimming pool.

Create A Healthy Heart

Swimming is an aerobic exercise, and aerobic exercises help to get your heart pumping and your vascular system working. This helps to pump oxygenated blood to all your working muscles and improve the overall circulation in your body. By engaging your cardiovascular system for just ten minutes each day, you can greatly improve your heart function and help to flush any impurities from your body, which is key to getting glowing skin and slowing down the aging process.

Intellectual Benefits Exercising the body not only helps improve your muscles, but also your brain functionality. Being inside in artificial environments for long periods of time can cause us to feel tired, inattentive and irritated. Exercising in a natural setting and breathing fresh air can help to counteract all of these negative side effects and improve your focus and rejuvenate and calm your mind. It also has a positive effect on your confidence, creativity and self-esteem, which helps to reduce any anxiety, depression or stress you may be feeling.

No Gym Membership Required When You Have A Pool!

WA can be an expensive state to live in without unnecessary added costs. One of those costs are gym memberships, which continually take money out of our accounts each week and we always promise ourselves we’ll use but never do. There are no continuous costs involved with jumping into your own swimming pool every day, so get rid of the gym membership fee and get outdoors!

Whether you already have a pool installed or are making it your next purchase, the benefits are endless. Not only is getting outdoors and into the pool a fun experience that can create everlasting memories, it’s a great way to continually improve your physical and mental health.