How Adding A Water Feature Can Add That Wow Factor To Your Pool!

Water features are special accessories you can add to your swimming pool that can add a wow factor. An ordinary swimming pool can look special when you add a water feature. Whether it is a waterfall, a water wall, or a water slide, a water feature can make your pool look great. If you plan to organize pool parties, then adding water features is a great way to make your pool party a great hit. The article tells you all you want to know about adding water features to your pool.


Why Add Water Features?

Adding a water feature can make your pool look better and give it a wow factor. The benefits of a water feature in your pool include:

  • It enhances the aesthetic appearance of not just the pool but the entire area.
  • A pool with a water feature would enhance the value of a home. In case you plan to sell the home later, you are likely to get a better rate.
  • The water feature makes using the pool more enjoyable. Your family members will love spending time in the pool and around the pool.
  • Your pool parties will be a big hit. With an innovative water feature, your pool will be the cynosure of all eyes. You will find your friends eagerly awaiting your invitation to your pool party.

Different Types Of Water Features

If you are convinced that you need a water feature in your pool, then you need to know the different types. The following gives you complete details about the types of water features:

1. Waterfalls

A waterfall is one of the best features you can add to your pool. It will look even better with a rock waterfall. You can make alterations in the landscape to add a small rock formation. You can then install the waterfall, so it looks natural. A waterfall at one corner of the pool or even in the center would be a great attraction.

You can even opt for a sheer waterfall. This offers a modern design. If your house has been designed with minimalist concepts, then a sheer waterfall is a good option. It would create an arc of water that projects away from the pool wall. This can create a great effect.

2. Sun Pod

A sun pod is a simple yet innovative concept that involves the use of water jets in the pool. The jets bubble upwards and create a simple yet attractive effect. Kids would love to play around the jet area. Concealed pipes would be used to ensure a controlled flow of water and to create the jet effect. You can install it anywhere in your pool. If you have a pool and a spa, then you can use the sun pod to partition the two areas.


3. Deck Jets

This is a great feature where you have jets on the deck of the pool shooting water into the pool. The sound generated would be pleasant and creates the feel of running water in a river. It is a very simple concept and easy to implement. It creates a very pleasant effect.

4. Water Wall

One of the most stylish attractions you can add to your pool is a water wall. This is a water feature that allows water to flow through the wall on one side of the pool and cascade into the pool. With the wall as the backdrop, the water would look like a second transparent wall. It creates a very stylish effect enhancing the pool aesthetics. The wall can be made from timber or from concrete or even steel. Concealed pipes in the wall ensure water is pushed out through a water blade, creating the water wall effect.

5. Water Slide

Technically, a water slide is not a water feature. But it gives you so much fun! A water slide allows people to slide into the water just like in a theme park. Depending on the space availability and your budget, you can choose from different types. You can have a steep descent slide, zigzag slide, a slide with multiple turns, or a simple slide. A water slide makes your pool more enjoyable for kids and during parties. It is the simplest water feature to implement. Running water through the slide is recommended for more fun like a theme park.

6. Firepit

If you want something that can add a big wow factor to your pool, then you must choose the fire pit. The fire pit can be placed on one side of the pool. It would have water spouts coming out from all the sides. In the centre would be a glorious looking flame. The combination of fire and water creates a great effect. This is a perfect way to create a great ambiance for a pool party. Parties at night will rock with a fire pit installed.

7. Lighting Effects

If you use the pool at night, then you need lighting. Instead of using lighting just to illuminate, you can use it to get a wow factor. You can have lights installed underwater within the pool. This would illuminate the entire water area making swimming more fun at night. LED lights are the best lighting option as they are energy efficient. You can install different color lights and use them to set the mood for a pool party. Floating lights on buoys, lights by the deck, and floodlights are other good options.


Installing A Water Feature

When you are planning to install a water feature for your pool, there are many factors to keep in mind.

  • Visual effect: The visual effect you want to create would decide the type of feature. For a total wow effect, the fire jet, water lighting, or water wall would be a great idea. The way the water flows within the pool is also a consideration. A waterfall can make the water turbulent creating more fun. A deck jet can create a simple effect.
  • Sound: Water features create a sound that resembles the natural sound of flowing. Many people want to add water features to listen to this pleasant sound. If you prefer a quiet atmosphere, choose a feature that doesn’t create too much of a sound.
  • Costs: This is by far the most important factor to keep in mind when installing a water feature. The costs depend on many parameters, including the size of your pool, the pool shape, and the kind of effect you want to create. A very basic water feature can be done with as small an amount as $2,000. Advanced features can be expensive and the costs can go up to $8,000.

One more factor to consider is that if you add water features later, there may be construction work needed for installation. If you are installing a new pool, it is better to install the feature along with the pool. This will help you save money.

Water features can definitely add a wow factor to your swimming pool. With the many benefits they offer, it is a great idea to invest in a water feature. You can get in touch with a pool consultant or contractor to find out how to get one for your pool.