How Close Can You Build A Pool To Your Home?

Anyone can have a swimming pool in their backyard. It’s one of the most desirable additions for homeowners living in Perth. As plot sizes have shrunk in size, the demand for small pools has surged.

You’ll be faced with an abundance of decisions once you commit to a pool – such as colour, size, water features, extras – but what about its location in your backyard? A fiberglass swimming pool is a permanent addition – there’s no moving it once it’s in.

Most people choose to have their pool close to their home, but can it ever be too close? Of course, when installing your pool, you’ll need to consider the neighbours. You wouldn’t want to cause any distress by having it hard to the boundary line.

Too close for comfort?

It makes perfect sense to have your pool relatively close to your home. Convenience for a starter because it will mean if you are dripping wet, you won’t have a long trek to collect food or visit the bathroom.

Plus, you can see and hear youngsters in the pool, so if it’s close, you’re adding an extra layer of safety. There is something quite reassuring keeping a watchful eye on your children from a kitchen window.

The general guidance of placement of a pool is the same as the same depth of the shallow part of your pool. So, if the shallowest part of your pool is 1.7 metres, then the pool should be 1.7 metres from the house.

Earthworks and excavation will unsettle the ground, so be mindful that the pool isn’t sited too close as it could compromise the structure of your home.

Another piece of good advice is to place your pool along the property’s longest span.

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Consider your neighbours

It’s an obvious choice to install your pool close to an existing feature – such as a home, fence, or garden feature to maximise available remaining space.

However, you don’t want a swimming pool to be at the centre of a dispute with your neighbour.

It’s best to organise a coffee catch-up to tell them about your plans and make them aware of timescales and any disruption that may take place during the pool’s installation process. Consider each other’s perspectives. If they’re worried about noise or their views from their garden, be respectful. They may want to raise the fence and you’ll need to decide whether you want to contribute to the costs.

Guidance is that the swimming pool should be at least one metre from the neighbour’s boundary. You can landscape within that metre area to enhance the overall space.
If your neighbours don’t have a pool, but have young children, you could sweeten the news you’re having one installed, by extending an invitation to have them over once it’s complete.

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