How Much Does A Fibreglass Pool Cost To Run?

Why should you invest in a fibreglass pool that costs $15k more than vinyl liner/above-the-ground pools whose starting price is $10k? Because the maintenance cost of a fibreglass pool is one-fourth of the upkeep expenses that a vinyl liner pool demands. The liner needs to be replaced every 5-9 years, which approximately comes to $4000. Moreover, the vinyl lacks the aesthetic value and can be easily ruined by sharp objects. If you are talking about a budget-friendly pool, a concrete pool does not even fit the bill- from installation to maintenance, it is a hefty undertaking.

In the case of a fibreglass pool, chemical and electricity usage are the only running costs involved. Let us see in detail what is the maximum cost you will have to bear for installing and maintaining a fibreglass pool.

Price range based on the installation type

You may spend anywhere between $25k and $35k for your fibreglass pool, or get your job done within a $25k budget, depending on how much of a pre-setup you are looking at. If you are looking at elaborate features and décor, the price may go up to $50k.

Turnkey pool – A Turnkey pool contains all the basic installation gear with concrete, and in addition, it also covers electrical cost and fencing. Therefore, a turnkey pool would cost around $25k and $35k.

DIY pool – If you are going for a self-install package, the minimum cost is $15k, which may go up to $20k. Here are the things that the package/pool kit would contain:
· A pool shell that can be delivered to your house
· Dig sheet
· Hardware
· Pump and Filter System
· Installation Instructions

For an extra price, you may also get pool cover, chemicals, chlorinator, and plumbing tools in your pool kit. However, there are some things that a pool kit would not include, and which you would have to take care of. These are
· Concrete
· Backfill material surrounding the pool
· Extra tools required for installation
· Heater/Cooler
· Coping and Patio Materials
· Pool accessories

If you are confident about construction, excavation, paving and have worked with decking materials before, a DIY pool is a great option for you. However, you must note that pool coping is a difficult task. So, you might need a helping hand with that. On average, pool buyers spend $30k on setting up a DIY pool.

Concrete decking – A fibreglass pool with concrete decking costs around $27k. Extra charges, including accessories, pool décor and hardware, may take up to $50k. Here is a list of services and features you can expect in a package that includes concrete decking.

· Pool cleaning
· Concrete Decking
· Grading
· Pool shell
· Hardware
· Excavation
· Pool setting
· Installation
· Backfill
· Getting a pool permit
· Water filling
· Fencing

Electrical work may fall under the buyer’s responsibility.

Pool without concrete decking: The average buyer spends $15k to $40k on fibreglass pool packages without concrete decking. Again, the price range depends on the size and installation of extra features. In this case, the buyer is responsible for prepping and decking. The responsibilities after the installation of the pool include final grading, cleaning, fencing, and getting the electrical aspects straight. The rest of the installation processes is taken care of by the pool supplier. These are
· Pool shell installation
· Excavation
· Backfill
· Water-filling
· Getting pool permit
· Setting up the pool

Individual pricing

You may want to buy every component of your backyard pool individually. That is why we are providing you with a breakup of all the costs. It will help you calculate the total money you are likely to spend on your fibreglass pool.

Pool Shells: Large shells cost (minimum 35 ft) between $15k and $27k.
Medium shells (27 – 34 ft in length) cost between $13k and $20k.
Large shells (maximum 26 ft) cost between $10k and $19k.

So, depending on the size of the pool and other options, the minimum cost of a basic installation should not exceed $30k. The maximum cost is $45k. The basic installation would include shipping, pump/filter system, shell, backfill, excavation and filling the pool with water. It does not include patio work.


Now, let us come to other features that you would individually require to maintain your pool.

· Heater ($3k to $7k) – Solar heater – $3.8k, Electric heater – $4.5k to $6k, Gas heater – $3k to $4k
· Pool pump ($1k)
· Solar pump ($500)
· Tiling ($60/m2 to $87.50/m2)
· Retaining walls (can be very expensive and is optional with an approximate price tag of $250/m2 or $55/hour)
· Pool lights ($320 to $1.7k)
· Normal Pool cover (mesh cover – $1.2k to $3k depending on the size, solid cover – $1.8k to 43.6k)
· Automatic Pool cover ($8k to 10k)
· Salt chlorine generator ($1k to $1.2k)

Cost breakdown – Summary

· $6.5k to $25k for the pool shell
· Installation charges – $10k+
· Accessories including pool cleaner, pump, and self-cleaning chlorinator up to $1.5k
· Pool side paving depends on the area covered. We are going to provide the approximate rate per square metre.
· Concrete pavers cost between $40 to $65
· Limestone pavers cost between $45 to $75
· Brick pavers cost between $70 to $95
· Granite, travertine, or flagstone pavers cost between $70 to $100

What will be the maintenance cost of your Fibreglass Pool?

You must be wondering if your fibreglass pool will save you any money in terms of maintenance. The good news, it is the known of its low maintenance. There are two things that run an upkeep cost; these are electrical power and chemical treatment once a year. Your annual cost comes to $375/year. In comparison, vinyl and concrete pool maintenance cost can run up to $700/year and $1150/year, respectively. First of all, fibreglass pools do not require annual pool cleaning, retiling, replacement of the liner and acid washes. Secondly, algae and bacteria accumulation rarely occur owing to the smooth surface of the fibreglass. Therefore, the average cost of chemical treatment is also reduced. Concrete pools need to be supported by a perpetual heating system unlike a fibreglass pool, that quickly heats up and also retains warmth for a longer period.

Extra maintenance costs

Irrespective of the type of pool you install, there is some miscellaneous cost which you must take into account. On average, Australians spend a minimum of $1k per year on pool maintenance. This includes

  • Pool pump – The running time of a pool pump is 10 hours a day. In the summer, the pump cost may reach up to $110 per month.
  • Heating – This is another cost to consider. A solar heating system is the cheapest option and can cost around $100 to $200 annually to run. On the other hand, gas heating is the most expensive option ($500 to 1.5k).
  • Water – If you own a standard pool that is eight metre by four metres, you will require 160 litres of water per day. Keeping the water clean with chemicals or replacing it is another factor to think about.

Despite everything, if you draw a comparison, a fibreglass pool saves you at least 15% to 20% in installation charges. On top of it, you save up to 75% on maintenance cost even after including the miscellaneous expenses. A fibreglass pool lasts for 25 years.