How Much Patio Do I Need Around My Swimming Pool?

Deciding on the amount of paving around you pool

You probably will have spent hours working out the design of your swimming pool, but have you thought about the patio which surrounds it?

It’s estimated that the average pool owner spends about 90% of their time on the pool patio rather than in the pool itself. There’s nothing worse than creating your dream pool and not having enough patio, so think carefully about your pool and the way it works with any hard landscaping.

Space Around Your Pool

You can choose from pavers, concrete or bricks, and timber is also a popular choice. You need a patio so you can comfortably walk around the pool, and even put out a table and chairs for al-fresco entertaining.

Don’t be one of those people who regret not creating enough space around your pool. When planning your hard landscaping, it’s best to have around 55 to 75 square metres to give you enough comfortable walking space and to accommodate a dining set.

It’s ideal to allow a minimum of 100cm for walkways and several metres between your outdoor furniture and the edge of the pool.

If you intend on having an external shower, you should accommodate space of at least one and a half square metres. The average size of a pool deck in Australia is usually between 180 and 280 square metres.

Designing Your Patio

This amount of space doesn’t necessarily have to be evenly distributed; it’s usual to have one or two areas larger than another. This hard landscaping area needs to complement the exterior of your home and blend in with the natural surrounds. Of course, take into consideration any existing patio or deck area close to the pool, as this may influence your patio design and layout.

When you’re thinking about these larger sections of patio area, remember that if you are going to sit out in the summer, you may want a shaded area as well as a spot which catches the sun’s rays. Plan your patio so it can take in any beautiful, scenic views.

Soft landscaping and a stone feature wall could also be added around your patio, to make the space more appealing, depending on the size of your yard.

Add To Your Patio Later

Installing and owning a swimming pool costs money. If you haven’t factored in enough cash for the pool patio, you can always lay a minimal amount down and add to it at a later date. During the winter months, it’s the optimum time to undertake any pool patio maintenance or extend it while your pool is getting less use.
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Author: Don Del Borello

Author: Don Del Borello

Position: Sales and Brand Manager for Factory Pools Perth

Experience: 39 Years In The Swimming Pool Industry

Don Del Borrello is the Sales and Brand Manager of Factory Pools Perth.  Don possesses 39 years in the pool industry, commencing his career at 15 years of age.

Don was born into the pool industry with his Father and family owning one of the most successful companies in Western Australia.

His extensive knowledge spans across every facet of the industry including manufacturing with being hands on to making pools to production manager, installation from installing pools, driving a bobcat to installations manager to General manager and owner.

His wealth of experience is an asset to Factory Pools Perth as he maintains a meticulous standard, taking the necessary steps to ensure promising results with him and his staff.