How Best To Automate Your Pool

Turning to pool automation is becoming increasingly trendy as more and more people leverage the power of smart technology to bring convenience into their homes. If you’re tired of maintaining and cleaning your pool on a regular basis, then you aren’t alone.

Smart pools can handle all your pool maintenance for you. With just the touch of a button on either your user interface or smartphone, you can control your pool maintenance remotely. There are a few simple steps that go into automating your pool. You’ll need to select the features you want and then hire an installer to set up your automated pool for you. Finally, you’ll need to test your new smart pool to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. With an automated pool, you no longer have to worry about manually cleaning or maintaining your pool – your smart pool system will take care of everything for you. Here is everything you need to know about automating your pool.


1. Select Your Features

An automated pool can do everything from controlling the pool’s temperature to adjusting the pump speed. Each feature you choose needs to be connected to a circuit that leads to the control center. So the more features you want, the more complicated the electrical and wiring process will be.

More features can also be more expensive. But you don’t have to get every feature unless you want it. Select the features you want for your pool ahead of time so you can budget accordingly and save money later on.

If you don’t want to automate the lights around your pool, then you don’t have to get that feature. You can select the most necessary features you want for your smart pool and get them first. When you’re ready to add more features to your automated pool, simply call your installer and have them update your automation system.

There are various features you can choose to control through your pool automation. Some of the most common features people opt for are the pump speed, the cleaning and filtration system, heating system, chlorine levels, lights and temperature. If your pool has the capability, then you can even add features that let you turn your pool into a spa.

You don’t even have to be home to enable the automated features, depending on your user interface. You can activate your chosen automated feature from your office or while you’re traveling to your home. That way, your pool will be ready for you as soon as you reach home.

2. Call An Installer

Unless you’re a professional electrician or an expert who is well-practiced in setting up smart technology, you should contact a professional installer. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up damaging various pool components that require expensive repairs down the line. In the worst-case scenario, you could also end up hurting yourself.

Your installer will examine your pool and make a note of all the features you want to install. Then they will set up the electrical wiring and lead it to the control center. The control center is essentially a box where the different features you choose are connected to in order for the pool automation to be enabled. Basically, it’s the core of your pool automation system.

Once your installer has set up the circuits as well as the control center, they will label each component. This lets you immediately know what you’re looking at on the user interface. Your user interface is what you’ll be using to interact with your automated pool. You can activate the features you want enabled through this interface, and it will let your automated pool know what to do. That way, all you ever have to do is press a button, and your smart pool will handle everything else for you.


3. Choose Your User Interface

When it comes to automating your pool, you don’t just get to choose what kind of features you want, but your interface as well.

Here, you’ll have two main choices – both of which let you control your pool from a remote distance. Your first option is to set up an interface on a panel either beside your pool or in your home. With this interface, all you have to do is go to the interface panel, select the features you want to enable, and the control center will take care of the rest. You can opt for a single panel user interface so that all your pool automation features are available in the same interface for ease of use.

This kind of user interface requires you to be present in front of the interface panel in order for you to switch on various pool automation features.

The second option requires you to have good Wi-Fi and a high-speed internet connection. With this kind of a user interface, you can control your pool automation from anywhere in the world through your smartphone. Both the internet, as well as apps on your phone, can help you interact with your automated pool remotely.

You will, however, need a minimum upload speed of 3mbps or higher in your home. If you aren’t sure about your internet speed, there are many free online testers that can help you. Available online internet speed testers let you test your internet connection’s strength as well as speed.

Once you’ve ensured that you have a strong and high-speed internet connection, you need to place your connection by your pool pad. Now, you can freely control your automated pool whenever you want and from wherever you are through the internet or your chosen smart home app.

4. Test Your New Automated Pool

After your installer has finished setting up all the features in your new smart pool, it’s time to test the system and see how well it’s working.

Ask your installer to walk you through the entire process of how you can use the user interface to control the automated features in your pool. Before your installer leaves, you should be comfortable with controlling your new smart pool.

If you’re confused about anything, your installer will be able to explain to you anything you need to know promptly.

You should ensure that you’ve tested every feature you’ve installed. That way, if a feature isn’t working the way you wanted it to, the installer can fix your problem for you. Once you’ve tested all your features and know exactly how to control and operate your new automated pool, you’re ready to use it!

You should consider staying in touch with your installer as well. That way, if you ever face any issues with your automated pool, or if you want to add new features, you know who to call immediately.

Automated pools add a layer of convenience to your home. Smart homes are now increasingly popular among people who want to enjoy modern conveniences without having to invest time in maintenance. With a smart pool, you never have to worry about cleaning, maintenance, or even starting your ambient lights before you reach home. Just switch on the feature you want, and by the time you’re ready to enter your pool, your automated pool has prepared your ideal swimming experience for you. Contact our pool building experts today!