How To Deter Ducks From Your Swimming Pool

We all love to watch ducks when they’re in a pond, but if you spot them in your swimming pool or waddling around the edge, it’s sure to make you feel uneasy. The warmer months are when an increasing number of ducks head towards residential gardens.

There are many reasons you wouldn’t want a duck in or around your pool, but the primary one has to be the mess they leave behind. It’s definitely a foul problem!

Ducks and birds can carry parasites and make your water unhealthy. They can pass on bacteria, salmonella, E.coli, and even bird flu. Chlorine should kill off the contaminants, but you shouldn’t rely on this to kill the bad bacteria.

Plus swimming pools are not great for ducks – especially if they have baby ducklings because the water level is usually too low for the ducks to get out.

So here’s some advice to prevent ducks from ducking into your pool.

Why do ducks like swimming pools?

Ducks like swimming pools because they are secluded and provide water and a grass area. Of course, they don’t realise that if they drink copious amounts of chlorine, it can poison them. Pools are dangerous for ducklings because their down feathers lack oil, so their feathers can get waterlogged and drown.

Will a dog deter one?

If you own a dog, it’s a deterrent – this doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy one to prevent the problem. A dog is a natural predator – even a bark will scare ducks away. Should you let your dog swim in your pool?

Keep it covered

An obvious one. Keep your pool covered when not in use to discourage ducks from landing on it. It will also deter ducks from believing it’s a nesting place.

Scare them away with pool toys

Ducks and birds generally don’t like people and steer away from humans. Why do you think they scramble off when approached at the local pond? Moving objects bobbing up and down on the water will scare them away. Invest in a few floating toys as a deterrent.

Erect physical pool barriers

Waterfowl like water and land. Have you noticed ducks will move freely between the water and the grassy areas to feed and rest? Install fences, hedgerows, and other physical barriers to make it less inviting for them.

Don't drop food

Ducks and geese are scavengers, so if you leave food around you’re asking for trouble. Don’t have any edible fruit trees around your pool, and bird feeders are a definite no-go.

If you have ducks in your swimming pool, simply scare them away. Eventually, they may get the message not to come back.

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