How To Keep Pool Costs To A Minimum

You’ve got to agree - hot days are always better if you have a swimming pool in your backyard. However, there’s no better time to dream about your swimming pool than the winter.

A pool is a huge investment and while it will add value to your home, give you plenty of enjoyment and help keep you in shape, it comes with a price tag. There are many ways to reduce your outgoings to keep installation and maintenance costs at a minimum.

Make Money-Saving Choices

Most homeowners can expect to pay at least $1,000 a year in maintenance costs, but your pool doesn’t have to be a money pit. 

Savvy choices will leave you with more dollars in your pocket every month. For example, did you know that a fibreglass pool is cheaper than concrete and will last longer than vinyl? Or a saltwater pool is cheaper than a chemical one?

A saltwater system uses electrolysis to create chlorine gas. Salt is cheaper to buy than chlorine, so you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars a year by using a salt water system.

See below for some money saving tips!

Buy In Winter

Yes, there can be differences in costs depending when you purchase your pool. You may not realise it, but if you order your pool in the winter, you will be paying off-peak prices. Pools are in the highest demand in spring, with pool operators flat-tack dealing with enquiries. 

In the winter, you’ll also have more time to discuss options with the pool company and more leverage on costs. Be mindful that at the beginning of each new year (and sometimes, financial year as well), most goods increase in price.

Keep It Plain And Harness The Sun

Do you really need a pool embellished with extras, water features and fancy landscaping? Simple can still be stunning. A small, rectangular one will fit any size backyard.

Perth is the sunniest State capital in Australia and has a long-term annual average of 8.8 hours of sunshine every day. Consider the money you could save on heating by relying upon the sun or solar power to heat it. 

DIY Maintenance

We love the thought of a house cleaner sweeping in to clear up our mess – wouldn’t it be lovely to have someone do a similar service with a pool? It’s tempting to call a professional to deal with cleaning and maintaining your pool, but this expense will build up before you know it!

Most pool shops will test a sample of your pool water for free, checking the chlorine level, pH and alkalinity levels. You can then add, adjust and treat chemicals to the pool yourself. Believe it or not, some hardened pool owners claim it’s therapeutic and meditative to clean the pool.

Do Background Research

Peace of mind and assurance about your new pool is a must. Choose a reputable pool company that has excellent online reviews. Reviews offer great insights about quality, costs, warranties and service.

Don’t wait until the temperatures soar to buy your pool – that’s when you need to be enjoying it, not considering making a purchase. Why not investigate fibreglass pools made by a local WA company – Factory Pools Perth and plan your oasis of enjoyment today. Get your free quote today!