How To Make Your Pool Festive For Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s time to dig out your Christmas decorations and add a little festive sparkle to your house.

Across the country, artificial trees are emerging from their boxes and festive lights untangled.

Of course, you’ll want to host an Aussie Christmas poolside party. There’s nothing that can compare to a dip in your pool on Christmas morning with the sun blazing down, but how do your prep your pool in preparation for the big day?

Shine bright with lights

You adorn your Christmas tree and your roof with Christmas lights, so why not add some twinkling lights near your pool? Of course, you need to be mindful of safety.

The best lighting options are solar or battery operated. If you put any lights connected to electricity above or around the pool, you’ll be asking for trouble. Electricity and water don’t mix because of the risk of electrocution.

Battery-operated icicle lights create a winter wonderland feel. You may be in Australia, but the lights will whisk you off to Antarctica.

Solar floating pool lights are a great idea – and why not go for green and red – Christmassy colours?
Have you seen the LED light orbs that can go in your pool? Orb balls are 100% waterproof and operate by batteries which will last for at least 30 hours. Once Christmas is over, you can repurpose them for children’s birthday parties.

Try some dye

Dare to be different? While most pool owners would like their pool to be crystal clear, for Christmas shake it up! Did you know you can purchase pool dyes to transform your pool water into brighter shades? The dyes are simple and safe, non-toxic or caustic. They last up to five days, and it’s best to add around an hour before an event. Choose the hue you want, from a richer blue to a more vibrant colour.

The amount of dye you will need depends on the pool size. Make sure you follow the instructions, but distribute the mixture around the edge of your swimming pool and let the dye circulate. Just a warning that you might not want to wear your best bathers when you jump in afterwards!

Pump it up with some festive inflatables

Santa is a busy man. I’m sure the kids would like to see him in their swimming pool taking in some rest and recuperation after travelling the globe and delivering presents – even if it is in an inflatable form. 

Why not pop a two-metre high Santa with his ruddy cheeks and a red-nosed reindeer into the water? They’ll float around the pool and are bound to be an admired attraction. For those of you with a sweet tooth, consider inflatable vinyl Christmas candy cane sticks, an ideal replacement for your pool noodles over the festive period.

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