How To Save Money With Your Swimming Pool

Buying a Pool from a Perth Pool Company How to save Money!

When the temperatures rise here in Western Australia, there’s no better place to be than close to a swimming pool. Cool yourself down with a dip in the water and dry yourself in the sun. Swimming pools don’t have to be expensive, and you can always save money. Don’t ever feel that they are beyond your budget.

Here at Factory Pools Perth, we’ve come up with some advice on how you can keep expenditure to a minimum, so your pool doesn’t break your bank balance.

Go Small With Your Pool

The majority of people buy their pool for their children and they will have endless amount of fun in the water, no matter what its size. A smaller pool means less space and it will be less costly to run and maintain. Of course, it also adds up to being friendlier on the environment too, and what is deemed small to one person, won’t necessarily be classed as small to someone else.

Wait On The Heater

We have some scorching temperatures here in WA, so you don’t necessarily need to heat your pool initially. The sun can keep the pool at a comfortable temperature and you can always add a heat pump later as an extra. Of course, you’ll need the plumbing provision, but you can wait a couple of years to install the heat pump. Adding a heater after a season or so means you’ll know how warm you’d like your pool to be.

Limit Your Landscaping And Patio

Would you be surprised to know that the most expensive option of a swimming pool project is the patio? If you want to keep your budget in check, limit the concrete around your pool to say a metre, and add paving slaps later. They come in a variety of textures and colours and integrate well with older patios.

Put Chemicals In At Night

Installing chemicals at night can drastically reduce your costs as the water will be kept in an optimum condition for longer. Natural sunlight gives out ultraviolet light which can degrade chlorine, so it’s less effective if you install it during the day. By putting your chlorine in at night, you could reduce your chemical costs by half. You’re also allowing it more time to disperse and to do its job effectively.

Put On A Pool Cover

Pool water evaporates quickly, especially in the summer months so a pool cover will go a long way to cut down on water usage. It also will retain the heat longer, especially if your pool is not heated. To put in in context, by using a pool cover, you can reduce water evaporation by up to 90% – it’s a small financial outlay which will reap big rewards.

Factory Pools Perth has a range of affordable, fibreglass pools for your budget which are all covered by a lifetime structural warranty. They’re made in Western Australia, so come and speak to us at one of our three showrooms. Our services can include installation and landscaping, including decking and fencing, and this package could be more convenient for you.