Make A Date Night At Home With A Fibreglass Pool!

Fibreglass pools are a fantastic source of fun during the day; and you’d be forgiven for not thinking of romance when most pools contain laughing children and dive bombing dogs. However, when night comes around your pool takes on a life of its own. Pool lights, the night sky above and a relaxing spa: suddenly, your pool can become mysterious and enticing. What’s more, pools are always fun to swim in, and what’s more romantic than having fun with your partner! Date nights at home can be sentimental, personal and affordable: read on to learn how you can take your date night to the next level with an award-winning fibreglass pool.


Nothing’s More Romantic Than A Spa

Spas have been proven to provide numerous therapeutic benefits to regular swimmers. Foremost among these is relaxation of tired muscles and aching joints. The last thing you want to do for your partner is force a date night upon them if they’re wound up, exhausted, or still tense from work. Nothing screams I care about you like relaxing your partner. Think of it like giving them a massage: except with a spa, you can both enjoy a massage at the same time! 

Spa swimming is a great way to kick off your date night by relaxing the both of you. The stationary position you both take during the spa will allow you to talk to each other meaningfully – make sure to turn off your phones to avoid distractions!

Use Floaties To Keep The Night Interesting!

Okay, so hear us out: we know that a bright pink flamingo might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when we say romance. But, simply put, floaties are fun; and what’s more romantic than having fun with your partner? A good splash around can remind you guys why you’re best friends.

Additionally, floaties are an inexpensive way to guarantee laughter, fun and games, and a great way to relax. Swimming tends to take a lot of energy and if you and your partner are too focused on hitting those laps, you might forget to talk to each other! Floaties will allow the two of you to drift together effortlessly and focus on your conversation. Communication is romantic, after all. (We’re pretty sure.)

Floaties also have the added benefit of being able to be used at a later date. In fact, if you have kids and don’t want to splash on a babysitter, then your whole family can use the floaties in the pool while the two of you kick back on your own!

Music Is A Great Way To Enhance Your Pool

Dancing and moonlight have gone hand-in-hand since….well,…as long as we can remember. If you want to warm yourselves up a bit before you go for your night-time swim, then take your partner by the hand and take up some dance moves. A source of water is always an excellent way to make the atmosphere more romantic, and fibreglass pools can take this to the next level. A well positioned pool light, combined with the moonlight and your very own choice of pool colour can make for an ethereal, gorgeous atmosphere. Perfect for a romantic tango or two!

Once you’ve tapped away a dance or two, we recommend a water-proof pool speaker. These audio devices allow you to play your favourite songs in the pool without having to worry about water damage. Relaxation + music + your pool = a guaranteed good night!

Serve Up Some Romance By The Pool

One of the oldest and most reliable ways to impress anybody is to cook for them! Okay, so we know that might not be everybody’s forte, but see our secret recipe to skip the cooking part if you’re not the most confident chef. (Hint: it starts with T and ends in akeaway.) Relaxing your partner in the spa, laughing together on your floaties while you float through your glorious fibreglass pool – top all of it off with a great meal! Cooking a meal is the perfect way to bring a bit of class and extravagance, without having to leave the house.

Food should be enjoyed by the poolside, rather than in the pool. Otherwise, you could end up with stains and a headache from cleaning your pool. Still, if you’ve got pool lights installed, then your view while you eat will be stunning and make for a romantic atmosphere. Bonus points if you know how to mix a mean cocktail for your partner!

Moonlight Dancing

A little bit of planning can go a long way – especially on date night! We recommend planning your night for a time when the moon will be visible in the sky. Having the moon hang above you, reflected off of your beautiful fibreglass pool colour, will make for an intensely romantic feeling.

Here at Factory Pools Perth, we hope we’ve convinced you that fibreglass pools don’t have to fit any preconceived moulds of fun. They can be a dive-bomb central for your family during the day, but during the night can be a great way to gain some quiet, intimate time with your spouse. Fibreglass pools are always an affordable alternative to going out, whether it be on the weekends or weekdays. So, what are you waiting for? Fill out our free quote form today and you could have your very own fibreglass pool installed in as little as 7 days!