Meet Don Del Borrello – Creating A Splash At Factory Pools Perth

It’s the only career he’s ever known – Sales and Brand Manager at Factory Pools Perth Don Del Borrello has notched up 39 years in the swimming pool industry.

Manufacturing and selling swimming pools is in his blood. At fifteen-years-old Don started working for his father who owned and ran Buccaneer pools.

‘’I started out helping him in the school holidays. By 19 I’d become the factory manager. I then rose through the ranks to installation manager then operations manager,’’ explains Don.

Don’s devotion to Factory Pools Perth

Four years ago he got the call from Brad Hilbert who was setting up Factory Pools Perth.

One of WA’s youngest pool companies, Factory Pools Perth has found a niche providing quality pools that are both hardwearing and affordable. So what lured Don to this role?

‘’You have to believe in the company and I do. The pools are built to an exceptional standard in a world-class manufacturing plant here in WA. I’m a people-person, so I love this role. I’m selling people the dream of pool ownership and who isn’t going to be excited about that?’’

Don says since his arrival, the company has grown considerably. From ten fibreglass pool designs it now has 35 and is growing year-on-year, making Factory Pools Perth the biggest number one singular pool brand in Perth. This year has seen record sales with people enjoying staycations because of COVID-19.

Today’s pool must-haves

Nothing stays the same for ever and Don says swimming pools are constantly evolving. An average sized pool today measures 6 by 3 metres, whereas twenty years ago it would have been 8 by 4 metres.

‘’Pools have shrunk because block sizes have decreased. People want something compact with minimal maintenance.’’

So, what three trends is Don seeing?

‘’I think a mineral pool is the top must-have. It’s the experience of better water quality to reduce chlorine and makes for a pleasant swimming experience.’’
Dons says would-be buyers also want to extend the amount of time they can spend in their pool on a yearly basis.

‘’People are choosing heat pumps that means a pool can be used nine months a year. They are environmentally friendly operating on a similar process to an air conditioner system. Latent heat is extracted from the air and transferred into the pool water.’’

Another requirement people are selecting is automation.
‘’Today’s lifestyle means pool owners are time poor. Most pools can look after themselves nowadays through automation using an app on a mobile phone.’’

Work life balance

When Don isn’t working, you might spot him walking his dog and grabbing a coffee in in a café in Freo. You’ll also find him enjoying his own pool.
‘’I have four grandchildren and once they’re in, I can’t get them out. I love spending time with them’’

And when he’s not enjoying a splash around with his family, Don powers into some pedalling.

“Not many people know this but I’m an ardent cyclist. I belong to a cycling group. I’m up at five thirty in the morning and ride 50km three times a week.’’

Equally impressive is his commitment to his role at Factory Pools Perth where – no pun intended – he’s keeping the wheel of business turning.

Why not come along to one of our showrooms and meet Don in person. We’ve got all your swimming pool requirements covered. We can advise on design, installation and landscaping, paving decking and fencing. Our showrooms are in Joondalup, Mandurah and O Connor, so why not swing by and say hello?

Picture of Author: Don Del Borello

Author: Don Del Borello

Position: Sales and Brand Manager for Factory Pools Perth

Experience: 39 Years In The Swimming Pool Industry

Don Del Borrello is the Sales and Brand Manager of Factory Pools Perth.  Don possesses 39 years in the pool industry, commencing his career at 15 years of age.

Don was born into the pool industry with his Father and family owning one of the most successful companies in Western Australia.

His extensive knowledge spans across every facet of the industry including manufacturing with being hands on to making pools to production manager, installation from installing pools, driving a bobcat to installations manager to General manager and owner.

His wealth of experience is an asset to Factory Pools Perth as he maintains a meticulous standard, taking the necessary steps to ensure promising results with him and his staff.