Mineral Or Salt Water Fibreglass? Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

Now that you have a pool setup, you are looking to make an experience worth your time, effort, and money. Your pool’s water type will define the user experience of your pool and how others feel in it.

In 2022, you have a variety of water types to choose from. Whether you have sensitive skin or want silky-feeling pool water, there is just the type out there for you. The two best choices to choose from are Mineral and Saltwater pools.

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Why Choose Mineral Or Salt Water?

Mineral Water Pools:

People who have been a fan of natural water types will prefer this type of water. Anyone experienced with hot springs, ponds and waterfalls will feel right at home in these. This water type is known for its exceptional smoothness and how easy it is to swim in. Its silky texture is its main selling point and the fact that swimming feels like gliding is an added bonus. On top of that, the water is easy on the skin and eyes too. Many people complain about skin irritation when using a traditional chlorinated pool, but with mineral water pools, you can avoid the situation altogether. Chlorine is a great disinfecting agent that can easily kill off any organic matter in the pool. This is the reason why it is so popular amongst pool owners. It is essentially bleach but in a cheaper format. There are numerous health benefits with Mineral Water Pools. Read about it here!


This does not mean that mineral water pools do not use chlorine. The chemical is used here also but up to 50% less. In the chlorination of your pool, you just need to replace the chlorine with a mineral pack. This means that you can easily replace the chlorine content of your pool with minerals.

Each mineral pack will last you up to 6 months and will cost you no more than $100. But you will have to change the filter of your pool before you start using the mineral water packs.
You can get by the whole year on 2-3 cartridges, and you will not have to worry about the costs of chemicals. Chlorine might be a cheap chemical by itself. But its multiple uses in a year, along with test kits, make owning a pool an expensive hobby.

You can bypass all this if you have a mineral water pool as you are using significantly less chlorine and chemicals. Maintaining the chemical balance becomes a breeze due to this.

Benefits of Mineral Water Pools:

Water Quality

You get pool water that feels like silk and is great to swim in. This feature alone is worth the price of converting to a mineral water pool. It is easy on the eyes and skin, and for people with sensitive skin, it is the best option.

Non Corrosive

The pool water that you have selected will play a major role in how corrosive it is to the metals in and around the pool. Luckily for you, mineral water is not just easy on people’s skin and eyes but on metals too. This is a great way to ensure the longevity of these parts and equipment.

Compatible With Other Pool Types

Mostly, not many water types are compatible with concrete and vinyl pools, but mineral water is. This is because it is chemically inert due to the absence of excessive chemicals. So if you have a vinyl or concrete pool, this is the water for you.

Less Wear & Tear

Your pool parts will thank you later on for choosing mineral water. Since it is soft, it does wear down the pipes and other equipment as fast as traditionally chlorinated pool water. They will last a lot longer with this.

Eco Friendly

Since you are not using a large amount of chlorine, you can prevent it from seeping back into the environment. The water cycle remains free of chlorine, and you do not get chlorine in the soil. This is the main reason why mineral water pools are much better for the planet than other alternatives.

Mineral water pools are famous amongst people with skin problems and who do not like the smell of chlorine.

Salt Water Pools

For people with fibreglass pools, Salt Water is one of the best water options. The pool itself is chemically inert and does not react to the water that may be added to the pool. On top of that, fibreglass pools are some of the sturdiest in the business. They can take a lot of stress and abuse before they need to be repaired.

They will easily last you a long time with minimum maintenance. A great option is the saltwater pool water is a great system that combines the silky feel of the mineral water pool with the maintenance of the traditional pools.


It is very easy to maintain and can be made to last a long time without any problems. You won’t be using any chemicals, so you end up saving a fortune when it comes to operational costs. As you do not use chlorine altogether, you do not need to administer many tests.

Benefits of Salt Water Pools:​

Water Quality

It may not be as smooth or silky as a mineral water pool, but it sure still is smoother than a traditional pool. It is the middle child of pool waters, and people with fibreglass pools should opt for this.

No Chemicals

You end up saving a lot of money over the season as your pool is not using any chemicals to operate.

Compatible With Solar Heaters

Not many pool water types are compatible with saltwater systems. If you are planning to get a solar water heater in the future, it is best that you switch to a saltwater system now. This way, you can maximize your savings in the future.

Feel free to contact us for more info, and we will be more than happy to help you pick the right pool water type for you. We have years of experience under our belt and will make sure you get something that is right for you.