XLS Minerals Provide The Ultimate Bathing Experience

The XLS Mineral system by Pool Controls uses a combination of innovative technology and superior grade minerals and sodium chloride (salt) to create the highest quality water and clarity for swimming pools today. Here at Factory Pools Perth we believe that many people can benefit from having a XLS Mineral System for their pool, so we are now proudly offering this cost effective and safe sanitising solution to our customers. A XLS Mineral System cleans the pool efficiently whilst using a far less minerals than other mineral systems on the market. This can reduce ongoing maintenance costs substantially over the lifetime of the pool.


XLS Minerals by Pool Controls has been specially developed to produce ideal water balance levels and exceptional water quality. Here are some of the active ingredients found in XLS Minerals:

  • Magnesium Chloride (Mg) – XLS Minerals have the highest percentage of magnesium in comparison to other brands. Magnesium is known to sooth sore muscles and aches and to smooth skin. When used with the XLS Mineral System, magnesium chloride passes through the electrolytic cell and it is converted to magnesium hydroxide. This stops calcium from building up on the equipment and the pool. Magnesium hydroxide also works as a flocculant which helps to filter dirt and dust particles from the water, this means your pool will be crystal clear year-round.
  • Potassium Chloride (K) – Potassium chloride is essential for normal functioning of some organs in the body and is known to relieve muscle cramping symptoms.
  • Sodium Chloride (Na) – The XLS System has been created to use the smallest amount of Sodium Chloride (salt). The level is barely perceptible to swimmers and it will not corrode or damage equipment like high doses of salt does. The amount of salt is so small that it has no ill effects on the environment.
  • Borates (B) – Boracic acid (borates) enhances the feel of the water. It softens the water and creates a luxurious feeling which gives bathers the ultimate swimming experience. When used with the XLS Mineral System, it works as a pH buffer and has an algorithmic pH dosing system which makes maintaining the pools pH levels extremely simple.

Benefits of a XLS Mineral System:

  • 3-year warranty
  • Provides extremely safe swimming water
  • No need for harsh and expensive chemicals
  • Highest levels of magnesium
  • Made in Australia
  • Compatible with ozone and UV sanitising systems
  • Minimises pool maintenance
  • Optional Automated pH system
  • Self-cleaning
  • Safe for people with skin conditions

Mineral pools have the least impact on your body, your pool, and its equipment. If you would like any more information about a XLS Mineral System for your pool, get in touch with our friendly team here at Factory Pools Perth, we are happy to help.

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