Plunge Pools

Everything You Need To Know

Over the years the size of Australian backyards has rapidly decreased. This is mainly due to high density areas and larger house sizes. Because of this, homeowners are turning to plunge pools as a solution. They are compact in size and the perfect option for those with limited space but still want the luxury of a pool for their home. Here’s everything you need to know about plunge pools.


What is a plunge pool?

So, what is a plunge pool exactly? A plunge pool is similar to that of a regular sized pool they are just much smaller and have some additional features. They are designed for rest and relaxation purposes rather than swimming. They are normally around 2 to 7 metres long by about 2 to 4 metres wide. Unlike a larger pool, they have a generous seating area that wraps around a large portion of the inside of the pool. This has intentionally been created to provide a comfortable area to relax and unwind.

The depth of a plunge pool can vary depending on which style you select. The middle of the pool is typically much deeper, with the outside of the pool shallower to accommodate the seating. They are great pool option for those who want a pool to rest and relax in and for hydrotherapy purposes. Whilst you can still swim in them, if you wanted to use your pool to entertain plenty of family and friends, a plunge pool may be not be a great option. The come in an array of colours, shapes and designs and are a good choice for those with a small area to work with or people who only want to give up a small area of their backyard for a pool.

How is a plunge pool installed?

One of the first things to consider once you have chosen your pool is how you want it to be installed. Fibreglass plunge pools can be installed either above ground, partially above ground or inground. Which installation method you choose depends of your personal preference, the condition of your backyard and your budget.

• Inground pool installations are usually the most popular way to install a pool. This involves excavating the ground to make room for your fibreglass shell to go in, once it is in place it is levelled. Backfill is put around the pool and then compacted.

• If you chose to have your pool installed partially above ground, the installation process is like that of an inground build however only a portion of the ground is excavated to make way for the pool.

• If you decide to have your pool installed above ground. Ensure that you work with your pool builder to come up with a design that makes your above ground pool an attractive statement piece in the backyard rather than just placing it in the yard with nothing around it. This can look drab and detract from the appeal of your backyard.

Choosing to install your pool either partially above ground or above ground does not affect the strength or durability of a high-grade fibreglass pool. They are designed not to bulge under the pressure of water or crack if earth movements occur.

Features of a plunge pool

As mentioned, plunge pools are all about relaxation. Here are some of the features that are commonly added to enhance the bathing experience:

A heating system

For most of us, the idea of sitting in cold water on a cold day sends shivers down our spines and its not something we’d want to do willingly. Installing heating into your plunge pool allows you enjoy your pool throughout the year, not just when its warm enough to do so. Warm water aids in the relaxation process and can alleviate sore muscles and relieve injury related symptoms.


A plunge pool is especially great to sit in and relax after a long day’s work. Although this means you might be out there until it gets dark. Adding lighting not only makes it safe to use at night but it also enhances the overall appeal of your pool.


Installing jets to your plunge pool is the ultimate way to take your relaxation to the next level. Jets accompanied with warm water work to ease achy and tired muscles. If you wanted to use your plunge pool for fitness purposes the jets can double as resistance to swim against, giving you an awesome workout.

How much does a plunge pool cost?

The overall expense of a plunge pool can vary significantly depending on numerous factors. Whether you decide to include added extras in your pool, whether you have good access to your backyard or not, the quality of the fibreglass pool you choose, the fencing and landscaping and which installation method you choose can all add to the price. Generally speaking, the starting price of an inground plunge pool is around $13,000. However, the best way to get an exact price is by contacting your local pool builder. Most offer free onsite quotes.

Benefits of a plunge pool

The great thing about plunge pools is they provide people with smaller backyards or limited space the opportunity to own a pool. They are a great option for those in built up residential areas and those with little kids who are gaining confidence in the water. As they are not large in size, children do not have far to swim to get the other side. The larger seating area makes an ideal resting spot too. A well-designed plunge pool makes a stunning statement piece in the backyard without needing a lot of room.

Due to their smaller size, they require less chemicals and maintenance to keep them clean. They are also much more environmentally friendly in comparison to larger pools. The use less water, less energy and heat far more effectively. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly swimming pool option, a plunge pool could be the perfect choice.

For many, the biggest incentive for purchasing a pool is the health and wellness benefits they offer. Plunge pools give you a place to unwind, de-stress and relax. All of which are known to have positive impacts on our metal and physical wellbeing.

Is a plunge pool a good choice for me?

Plunge pools are ideal for people who:

• Want to heat their pool for the least money

• Want to reduce the cost associated with running a pool

• Want a pool with minimal upkeep required

• Have a small backyard but still want a pool for their home

• Want to enhance their health and wellbeing

• Want a pool that is gentler on the environment

Our team of pool experts here at Factory Pools Perth fit and install luxury fibreglass plunge pools. Over the years we have had the pleasure of transforming thousands of backyards. We work with our customers to create the pool of their dreams. We have a generous selection of plunge pools in a variety of colours, sizes and designs and we would love to help you build the pool you’ve always envisioned for your home. If you have any questions or require additional information, give us a call. We are happy to help.

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