Pool Filtration Systems Some Facts

Once you’ve chosen you swimming pool the next big decision is the type of filter system you will need. Clearwater not only looks excellent it’s actually essential for health reasons

Why Do Pools Have A Filtration System?

It’s for removing insoluble matter such as Dirt, body oils, leaves and algae and then to produce sparkling clear water. It’s these types of materials that must be removed to create a safe environment for swimmers.

The Three Most Popular Filtration Systems Are:

Media Filters - Sand Filter Or Zeolite

These filters are natural filters their simplicity, and low maintenance makes them one of the most popular systems to use. The filtration tank is filled with Silica sand or Zeolite, then the pool water is drawn from the surface by the skimmer box and pumped through the Sand/Zeolite. Any dirt particles are filtered out the larger particles such as leaves, bugs and flower petals are all collected by the skimmer basket (crucial that this is fitted at all times when the pump is working). To clean the filter its-self, you will need to do a backwash this takes a few minutes and then a rinse cycle. The ease of use and the fact that the sand /zeolite only needs replacing every three to five years makes this one of the most popular systems on the market.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

This peculiar sounding Substance is made up of the fossil mined from the vast deposit of organisms that lived millions of years ago. Then crushed into tiny particles its skeletal structure makes it an efficient water filter. The DE is a pressure type filter similar to the sand filter.

The DE is mixed into a bucket of clean water to form a slurry then fed into the skimmer box with the pump turned on. The DE then travels along the pipe to the filter where it is forced on the material. Here it forms a cake called the DE layer this then trap’s the finer debris from the water. DE filters need to be taken out once a year and soaked in a light acid solution. With the slight increase in cost, why do pool owners use this kind of system, its because the system is amazingly efficient and gets filtering levels as low as 5.0-6.0 microns (Sand/Zeolite filters get 10-12microns) thus giving the water that extra sparkle.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters have become very popular in the USA and are gaining popularity in Australia. They are simple to use and ideal for tight areas. There are two types to choose from the Vacuum Filter and Pressure Filter. With a cartridge filter, you can screen out twice as much dirt and debris as a sand filter depending on the size. Cartridge filters do need to be cleaned and checked often, if dirty you can hose them out if they are pretty clogged you can give them an acid bath. Higher than normal water pressure is an indication that the filter may need cleaning.