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If the thought of adding a swimming pool to your property has crossed your mind, look no further than a Fibreglass Plunge Pool installed by Factory Pools Perth. Here's why opting for a Fibreglass Plunge Pool and entrusting Factory Pools Perth for its installation makes perfect sense:

Reasons Why To Get A Swimming Pool in Pool!

For those seeking exquisite swimming pool solutions in Perth, the Fibreglass Swimming Pools by Factory Pools Perth redefine the concept of refined aquatic experiences. Here’s why embracing a Fibreglass Swimming Pool and entrusting Factory Pools Perth with its installation presents a spectrum of benefits:

  1. Space-Efficient Brilliance: Tailored to fit snugly within smaller spaces, the design of Fibreglass Swimming Pools seamlessly harmonizes with properties of limited area. Whether your outdoor space is petite or you aim to maximize every inch, a Fibreglass Swimming Pool seamlessly offers the delights of a conventional pool while maintaining a compact footprint.

  2. Relaxation Oasis: A Fibreglass Swimming Pool is your personal haven for relaxation and leisure. A sanctuary to beat the heat during sizzling summers, it transforms into a tranquil retreat post a long day’s work. Its cozy dimensions create an intimate ambiance, inviting you to unwind quietly or share a refreshing dip with cherished ones.

  3. Health and Wellness Enabler: Swimming’s gentle impact yet profound health benefits are encapsulated within a Fibreglass Swimming Pool. Easily integrate swimming into your daily regimen with the convenience it offers. Regular swimming enhances cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, flexibility, and overall well-being, all achieved without necessitating a colossal pool or gym membership.

  4. Efficient Installation: Factory Pools Perth excels in swift and effective Fibreglass Swimming Pool installations. Armed with extensive expertise spanning from site evaluation and excavation to pool delivery and final setup, their proficiency assures a seamless and punctual installation, enabling you to relish your pool sooner.

  5. Customization Galore: Factory Pools Perth proudly presents an array of Fibreglass Swimming Pool designs and sizes to align with your preferences and available space. Select from an array of shapes, depths, and supplementary features, encompassing built-in seating, hydrotherapy jets, and lighting choices. This level of customization guarantees your pool mirrors your lifestyle while elevating your outdoor realm.

  6. Low-Maintenance Elegance: Embracing minimal maintenance demands, Fibreglass Swimming Pools outshine their conventional counterparts. The smooth fibreglass surface resists algae growth and staining, diminishing the necessity for frequent cleaning and chemical treatments. Moreover, its modest dimensions translate to lesser water and chemical usage, culminating in reduced maintenance costs and a smaller time investment.

  7. Enduring Quality: Factory Pools Perth’s Fibreglass Swimming Pools epitomize robustness, meticulously constructed from premium materials. Fibreglass, recognized for its durability and resilience against cracks, leaks, and fading, guarantees enduring allure. With warranties as a testament to their commitment, Factory Pools Perth safeguards your investment and tranquility.

  8. Elevated Property Value: Elevating your property’s allure, adding a Fibreglass Swimming Pool augments its value and desirability. Pools captivate potential homebuyers, and a meticulously designed pool becomes a selling point. It endows your home with a unique outdoor space, enriching functionality, aesthetic charisma, and a touch of opulence.

  9. Expert Counsel and Support: Factory Pools Perth stands as a beacon of wisdom throughout your journey, from choosing the perfect Fibreglass Swimming Pool to its installation. Well-versed in pool dynamics, they extend advice on site suitability, design selections, and maintenance strategies. Their support ensures informed decisions and a seamless journey, beginning to end.

  10. Local Wisdom: Rooted in local expertise, Factory Pools Perth is a reputable entity well-acquainted with Perth’s nuances. With a nuanced grasp of the local climate, soil conditions, and regulations, their Fibreglass Swimming Pool installations mirror the bespoke requirements of your location.

In the realm of swimming pools, Factory Pools Perth’s Fibreglass Swimming Pools reiterate excellence, presenting a world of unparalleled aquatic satisfaction.

Our Process

Commence your journey by connecting with us for a complimentary quote, devoid of any obligations. Following that, one of our team members will promptly reach out to organize an on-site quote, ensuring every detail is accounted for.

Following this initial step, our adept Pool Builders take charge of all requisite approvals, setting the stage for the installation process of your dream fibreglass pool or spa in your backyard. Let go of any worries about navigating these procedures independently!

With the approvals secured, our proficient Pool Builders embark on the journey by excavating the designated area for your fibreglass pool. If you wish to make any alterations to the placement, this is the ideal moment to communicate your preferences. Once the excavation concludes, making modifications becomes more complex. This phase, typically completed within a mere 7 days, allows you to continue your routines as our team diligently brings your pool installation to life.

After meticulous inspections and comprehensive tests, your pool stands ready for its grand debut. During the handover process, our Pool Builders will adeptly guide you through every step, ensuring you possess a thorough understanding of pool maintenance. Should queries arise after their departure, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance. Additionally, delve into our informative blog, featuring a range of topics including design inspirations, landscaping insights, and pool upkeep tips.

And now, the moment you’ve eagerly awaited arrives – relishing the joy of your pool for years to come. Revel in the warmth of sun-soaked days and unwind during the cooler months within the embrace of your very own fibreglass pool!

To Conclude

At Factory Pools Perth, our unwavering focus revolves around you. We derive immense satisfaction from aiding Perth families in uncovering their perfect pool, witnessing the elation on their faces as we delve into design possibilities and captivating pool colors that harmonize impeccably with their vision. Our commitment is to craft an unforgettable journey throughout the entire process. Armed with an extensive assortment of pools to peruse, a team steeped in knowledge and dedication ready to address any queries, and your esteemed presence as a valued customer, we are dedicated to delivering service that surpasses expectations.

Should you be inclined to explore your options and engage in discussions with our affable team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today or visit one of our conveniently located display centers peppered across Perth. We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to transform your pool aspirations into a breathtaking reality.

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There is no better way to enjoy leisure time at home than with an inground swimming pool or spa. Make the most of family life, relaxing, entertaining, and keeping cool on hot summer days in and around a swimming pool or spa pool.

The Stradbroke Series is a slimline pool design that is perfect for narrow backyards. Full length bench and uninterrupted swimming space, the Stradbroke is the ideal pool for relaxing and swimming.

The Preston Series is our latest slimline pool design that is perfect for narrow backyards or restricted areas. It features a full length bench and uninterrupted swimming space.

The Jurien pool is one of our most popular geometric pool designs. Featuring a full length bench, unobtrusive side entry steps and tight radius corners that allow for a clean and stylish look.

The Palm Beach Series is another new addition into the Factory Pools Perth range. Featuring a curved internal wall showcasing the latest in design aesthetics.

The Cervantes Series is our latest pool designs, featuring a full-length bench, unobtrusive side entry steps and tight radius corners that allow for a clean and stylish look.

The Horizon series is a clean and stylish pool design. Offering plenty of width and generous swimming space perfect for exercise and recreation, while the full length bench seating is ideal for relaxing with family and friends.

The Medina is a stylish pool design that is perfect for modern homes. Tight radius corners and side entry steps allow for a clean and sophisticated look.

The Hampton Series is one of our most popular geometric pool designs. It offers plenty of width and generous swimming area, perfect for entertaining with family and friends.

Bold and sophisticated, the Cottesloe boasts dual entry and exit points making it extremely versatile on its position in most settings.

The Palm Springs Series is the latest edition into the Factory Pools Perth range. Modern clean lines one-piece design is the ultimate family entertainer, combining benefits of pool and spa together as one. 

With tight radius corners that allow for a cleaner look. The side entry steps located out of the swimming area maximize swimming space with a generous seating area that offers the perfect spot for relaxing.

Proudly Australia’s largest fiberglass pool. Featuring a bench with wader perfect for relaxing on a hot summer’s day, the Hampton Grande also offers plenty of width and uninterrupted swimming length ideal for exercise and recreation.

The Hybrid Series is a versatile pool design that is ideal for both exercise and relaxing. With multiple entry points and an in pool seating area that allows for everyone to sit in and relax. 

Transform your backyard and entertainment area with our Spa Wader Series.

Our spa range is great for lounging around and is the perfect add on to your fibreglass pool! Relax, rejuvenate and recollect yourself in the hot bubbles.

The Stradbroke Pool & Spa is the perfect addition to your backyard. Boasting the best of both worlds, this stunning configuration is the next step in upgrading your backyard and your lifestyle!

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