The Amazing Benefits And Advantages Of Slimline Pools

There are a variety of choices available for you in the market if you are looking to get a swimming pool for your place. With so many options, it can become tricky to choose the right one. Your preference often depends upon space constraints, budget, swimming requirements, and others. However, if you are looking for a beautiful statement piece of swimming in your backyard without sacrificing lots of backyard space, slimline fibreglass pools are the best choice for you. These pools fit into the tightest of spots in the yard, with support coming from the bottom bracing. They are basically longer in length and shorter in width, making them an ideal option for entertaining, relaxing, and maintaining fitness.


Making Of A Slimline Fibreglass Pools

Construction of a slimline fibreglass pool is done on a mould in a factory. These pools are designed to have extreme durability and tactile strength. the shape of these pools is fixed, but the length and width of the same can be chosen as per personal requirements. Their size starts from 10.5 meters in length and 4.2 meters in width with a narrow rectangular shape. A quality slimline fibreglass pool also comes loaded with additional safety features such as safety steps, non slip surfaces, and different depths.

Advantages Of Slimline Pools

There are several advantages of slimline pools. Let us discuss a few of them in detail:

Space Efficient: Slimline pools are one of the most space-efficient pools available in the market. Since it has a slim width, it takes little space for your backyard and can fit the tightest of spots. You can choose the pool with dimensions that suit your space and requirements.

Multifunctional Usage: A slimline fibreglass pool is not like a plunge pool. It is not as small but just narrow in width making it sufficiently long enough for all kinds of usages. Many people are able to use the pool at the same time, making it as good as a regular swimming pool. It can be used for both family fun as well as for fitness purposes.

Customisable: There are several customization options available in case of a fibreglass slimline pool. This increases the functionality of the pool while allowing people to get a pool loaded with the best features, even in a limited space.

Attractive Designing: the design of a slimline pool is much more attractive and aesthetically appealing than a regular concrete pool. This makes it a great choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their homes.

Enhances The Beauty: A slimline pool makes your house and backyard look more beautiful and aesthetically appealing. With the use of the right lighting, you can showcase it like a statement.

Swimming Throughout The Year: Since the size of a slimline pool is small, you can easily convert it into a heated pool. The small size will cost you less in terms of heating charges while allowing you to enjoy swimming through all seasons.

Family Pool: A slimline fibreglass pools come with a host of safety features such as safety edges and steps as well as nonslip surfaces. This makes it an ideal family pool choice.

Because of it’s size, you can easily convert a slimline pool into a heated pool allowing you to enjoy it all year round…

Customisations Available

Though the shape of a fibreglass pool cannot be altered, there are many innovative customizations available that will enhance your complete swimming experience. Some of the popular choices are as follows:

Heating: One of the most popular and in-demand features of a slimline fibreglass pool is heating. Since these pools are comparatively small, they are economical to heat, making it great for relaxation as well as year-round usage of the pool.

Mood Lighting: You can upgrade your slimline pool with mood lighting. This will not only enhance your swimming experience but also makes it more functional and safer to be used at night.

Spa Jets: Many people get spa jets installed in their slimline fibreglass pool. This can take your swimming experience to the next level. The jets act as a perfect relaxation tool by massaging the pains and aches. They can also be used as a resistance for fitness enthusiasts to swim laps against.

Incorporating Spa Designs: You can get complimenting spa designs incorporated into your pool. They provide an overflow opening at the end of the pool. This makes the water cascade beautifully into the pool, making it an attractive design feature. Another option is to make the water overflow into an artificial stream or a feature.


Time Taken To Install Slimline Pools

Slimline fibreglass pools are easy and quick to install. If there is no restricted access to your property and the pool site is already flat, it takes just a week for your pool to get built. However, many a time there are certain unforeseeable factors that can delay the installation procedure. Some of these factors are unfavorable weather conditions, delay in approvals by the council, and many others.


Safety Features Of A Slimline Pool

Whenever it comes to selecting the right swimming pool for a family, safety is the utmost priority for most people. Fibreglass pools are considered to be safer than a concrete pool. They make sure that injury chances through a fall are minimal since the under the surface of the pool is not hard. Even though the surface used in building a slimline fibreglass pool is glass, it is a nonslip variety that makes sure that you do not worry about slipping. It is tough with no risk of breakage or cracks.

  • There are several other safety features to ensure the safety of your kids in a slimline fibreglass pool.
  • There are safety steps at the edge of the pool. This feature makes the pool comfortable for both elders and kids.
  • The slimline pools come in a variety of depths. This helps you in getting a separate pool area that is safe for the kids to enjoy.

Costing Of A Slimline Fibreglass Pool

A basic slimline fibreglass pool is pretty cost-effective. The cost of the pool depends on several factors such as the pool size, the customizations installed in the same as well as the landscaping expenses. In order to get an actual idea regarding the expenses, it is best to contact your builder or a pool company for an estimate. In addition to organizing an on-site quotation, they will help you in getting all the council approvals before commencing forward with your job. Since the installation time of these pools is less, the construction and installation will be completed in the shortest possible hassle-free time. You can then enjoy, swim and relax with your friends and family in your own private little paradise for years to come.

Slimline fibreglass pools are an ideal choice for you if you have limited space in the backyard of your house. With the right installations and customizations, they can prove to be a stylish and modern addition to your family place. They will be the perfect place where you can have fun and enjoy pool parties.